Saturday, 14 April 2012


Saturday 14 April

so, we are at the end of the second week of Easter holidays (George has another week left!) and some routine returned in the shape of George's saturday 8.30am swimming lessons!

After Evie's 12 hr sleep though the night (halleluja!!!) she had a fine breakfast with dh of scotch pancakes! we buy the lemon & raisin ones - and I'm addicted to them!!

Lunch was a mammoth affair of a banana, a clementine, 3 chilli crackers with philly (yes, dh was in charge!!), and some canteloupe melon!! Dh was in shock as to how much she ate!!

Supper was home made pizza - but by now madam is a little grumpy & didn't match lunch times mega meal!!

DH's pizza's are the thing of legend - so how she could leave any we don't know!!

She finished her dinner with some water melon! By that time I was blogging not photographing!!

Observant readers may notice the new high chair - the old one is excellent & lasted G from 6 months till 5 years - but madam was covering it in so much food cleaning it was all I did. So we invested in the old faithful ikea chair - which on really bad days dh takes outside & hoses down with the garden hose lol!!

it's good to be back!!


Mel x


Unknown said...

So glad to find a blog on BLW! There aren't many out there...

Just started my little one on her 6 mo birthday, Tuesday. We had quite a scare and I got a little gun shy, but we're back in business. you LOs are adorable!

Unknown said...

Sorry it says unknown, i'm tracie and my LO is georgia :)

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