Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fajitas & a confirmed carnivore

Tuesday 24 April

Today starte easily enough with some toasted & buttered hot cross buns!

Lunch was some left over sweet potato & sweetcorn pancakes. I'd made them last night for dinner, and she seriously couldn't get them into her mouth quickly enough! As left overs, even with the ever present philly once again swirled over them she wasn't as keen. A few strawberries were a welcome pudding!

We actually managed a family dinner at the table this evening - dh made fajitas! I gave her a 'deconstructed' fajita - how very cheffy!!

watching her big brother whilst eating! 

going back for more after pudding!
Evie, who usually likes tomates & cheese rejected all of what was on her plate except the turkey! She kept signing 'more' as soon as she had eaten what she had!

She had 2 tubes of yoghurt afterwards - and then went back for a little more turkey!


Mel x

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