Tuesday, 10 April 2012

an excuse, an apology & a promise to try harder!

My name is Mel, and I am a terriblt blogger! Its been weeks since my last blog!

My excuses are as follows:

1. my old mac is on its last legs - so uploading pics takes FOREVER!! and I know it will be a mammoth task

2. where is the time for a mammoth task!

3. Evie is cutting tooth 4, and tooth 3 has only just come though. Boy do we know they are coming!!

4. it is 4 weeks (ish) till Evie's naming do....so far I have baked 72 cupcakes & a victoria sponge to go into the freezer ready for the big day! I also have 60 meters (or so) of bunting to make - and I'm making Evie's shoes!!

However, excuses over, my lovely husband Steve has offered me the use of his laptop for blogging purposes - with the promise of a synched phone, so it all sounds much quicker. Plus, I can blog & veg out, not be sent to the office alone to blog!

However, don't expect much tonight, as I plan a long soak in the bath!!

oh - and excuse 5, Jillian Michaels is presently kicking my butt 5 nights a week, so i'm half dead!! haha

I hope you bear with me! Once piece of news on the food front - my lovely daughter is a confirmed carnivore.....she loves sausage, chicken & fish!! Steve made her a beef bolognaise sauce this week, but the teeth have caused her appitite to drop, so not sure she appreciated it much!


Mel x

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