Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chav dinner

Tuesday 17 April,

Todat has been a bit of a slapdash day food wise.

Breakfast was a scotch pancake with lemon & raisins, and some more 'O's'.

Lunch was a couple of baby bel's - and some tiger bread & butter followed by some water melon.

I bought 2 new cups for her today, we use the tommee tippee free flow cups - but Evie just pours the water out over herself. I refuse to use the any-way-up cups for all the scare mongered reasons - so am trying a straw cup and a soft teat cup. The reason - we have been very light in the nappy departent, and as she has reduced her bf's then I'm worried she is getting dehydrated. She did much better with both!

Supper, to my great shame was fish fingers (ok!) and pre-made hash browns! These are in the parent rubbish part of the freezer, not the nutritius for kids - but dh was in charge & he saw them! I was too ashamed to take a picture. This was followed by 2 tubes of yoghurt - she was signing more to dh, but he thought 2 was enough!!


Mel x

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