Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Monday 16 April

My poor baby is in the wars today! We have had to go see the doctor, as what we thought was a small teething rash suddenly flared up into a horrid rash - she looked like we had spilled boiling water on her. The Dr has prescribed a medicated cream to use twice a day, and thankfully ruled out an allergy.

We were concerned about allergies being a possibility so poor Evie had a boring food day! She started with 'O's' for breakfast - and then lunched on baby corn and asparagus spears....the latter of which were not a success!!

After her diagnosis she was allowed more, and so had a dinner of hummus with celery (she ignored!!), cucumber and breadsticks - followed by a whole banana!

You will see her other mishap - she headbutted the radiator! She is fine, but it looks awful!


Mel x
ps - damn blog won't let me upload a second picture!! no clue why - apologies!

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