Friday, 27 April 2012

2 meals out in 1 day!

Thursday 26 April

After tiny talk this morning Evie & I went into Birmingham to get more (always more!!) bias binding to finish off the 75 meters of bunting i'm making to decorate the house & garden for Evie's naming. Of course, the damn stall wasn't at the rag market so we have to go back!

I ended up shopping - eek! But had no lunch for madam with me. She started crying whilst we were still in the shops, and i passified her with half a packet of dried apricots stored in my handbag! That didn't keep her going for long so I rushed into boots in a panic! The baby food all looked minging, so we checked out the real people food! Hurrah - 2 slices of buttered malt loaf! She pretty much ate both slices, but didn't start on the pot of fruit chunks id got as back up (which G ate later!!).

We had a share of a little of my lunch in wagamama, but was mostly full from her shopping snacks!

Dh took us out for a meal in the evening, and not knowing the size of the kids pizza's at ask these days (new menu!) we ordered her a seperate one from George - it was HUGE!!! She had no hope - but did munch / drop 3 or 4 pieces!

George had chocolate ice cream for pudding - and he shared a small bit with Evie - she loved it!! Bad mummy!!


Mel x

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