Saturday, 10 March 2012


Tuesday 28 Feb

amongst a day of repeats, Evie & I had a mummy & daughter day out in Leicester...with a delicious lunch in wagamamas. Evie thought she was capable of using the chopsticks!

She really enjoyed her lunch of vegetable gyoza!

People were stopping to look at her as they passed in the street!


Mel x


Mel x said...

I love your blog, it gives me so many ideas. My blw blog is becoming less & less about blw so I might just redirect everyone here! What highchair are you using for Evie, Finn is starting to hate the shoulder straps on his!

Mel x

Mel_x said...

Hi my dear namessake!

I would welcome the redirection - thank you for the complement!

We have been using a hauck highchair that I had for G - but it was getting so messy as madam makes such a mess I've been to ikea today and bought one of their £15 specials!! Also, as Evie is determined to stand this is better as unlike my lovely hauck it has no foot rest for her to push up on! I'll swap back eventually as the hauck does till 5+


Mel x