Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pincer Grip - raisins & beans!

Thurdsay 23 Feb

so, we appear to have a fledgling pincer grip....Missy tried raising this morning and was picking them up & getting them into her mouth! However, she wasn't really eating them, and on the whole I ended up picking them out of her mouth as they were just sitting in a cheek hamster styleee!!

We did have a bit more success with some baked beans for supper - these were the full fat sugar & salt variety we have - but I was short on ideas & time and as a one off aren't a problem. She wasn't fussed about the accompanying baked potato, but loved the cheese & baked beans! This is good, as this is a fall back, guilt free after school dinner for G, so being able to double up makes my life easier! They both eat much better sharing a meal time too!


Mel x

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