Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mini Quiche

Sat 25 Feb

the day started with repeats (incl strawbs!) but as DH took both the kids out with him whilst he did the grocery shopping I got busy in the kitchen.

I had been trying to think of some of the good stuff I used to give George, especially with spinach in for iron! (Spinach is great as it is fill of Vitamin C too which aids iron absorbtion). I finally found the handy 'balls' of frozen chopped spinach which are great to stir into baby food - helps cool hot food & is super handy. (Frozen veg isn't crap despite what some people say!).

So, I made mini spinach quiches - some to eat over the next couple of days & some to freeze! They were such a hit Evie did her 2nd sign - more!! yay!!


Mel x

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Jade said...

Ooh, we made mini quiches this week too! And my little one loved them. Such a great idea, and good to keep in the freezer for meal emergencies. Win.