Saturday, 10 March 2012

Jamie's Italian & the Oldest Pub in Leicestershire

Friday 9 March

DH have Evie a breakfast of grapes & a rusk and then (after the school run) we headed into Birmingham to the rag market with a friend.

She recommended Jamie's Italian - and with 2 BLW babies we thought that Jamie's would be family friendly enough to cope - after all the man has 4 kids himself!! Evie shared my (to die for delicious) wild mushroom filled pasta & Is shared her mum's veg platter - especially enjoying the mozzarella! (note to self - try Evie on mozzarella!!). This was accompanied by the regulation break sticks!

We then decided to have an early drinkies in the Belper Arms...but as this would be at Evie's dinner time DH made her a mini packed dinner....more grapes & leftover sweet potato pancakes which she loves! It was possibly a it cheeky to feed her whilst we just had drinks - but it was better than her crying I guess!!


Mel x

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