Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cheese Scone in John Lewis

Tuesday 6 March

for someone who says she never goes out I seem to have had a run of eating out lately!! DH & I went shopping in Tamworth, and decided to stop for lunch at John Lewis. A cheese scone seemed a sensible option for madam.

The ladies at the next table kept saying how advanced she was - feeding herself at 7 months!! I guess they are not BLW'ers lol!

Supper was another try at the pasta, spinach & philly - again she liked the sauce but not the pasta...I wonder if it is the penne I use...what shaped pasta do you use?


Mel x

ps - that second photo is one of my faves...even with a mouth full of scone my daughter is a beauty!!


Jade said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog recently and I'm having a good read through. Loving hearing about other people's BLW adventures, especially to get ideas about different foods to try out!
My little 7 month old really enjoys pasta, we give her large spirals which seem to be easy to grip. She's also had spaghetti/fettucine to go with bolognaise, and she managed to wrangle handfuls of the pasta without too much trouble (although good grief it was messy...). I highly recommend the spirals though. Good luck!

DennyDustin said...

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