Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nottingham Uni Research

Just as an aside - I've added a new link!

Nottingham Uni have done some great research which shows that BLW babies are at a lessened risk of obesity than puree fed babies.

To me, as a follow on to bf this seems obvious - but it's always nice to have it confirmed by some boffins!


Mel x

Jamie's Italian & the Oldest Pub in Leicestershire

Friday 9 March

DH have Evie a breakfast of grapes & a rusk and then (after the school run) we headed into Birmingham to the rag market with a friend.

She recommended Jamie's Italian - and with 2 BLW babies we thought that Jamie's would be family friendly enough to cope - after all the man has 4 kids himself!! Evie shared my (to die for delicious) wild mushroom filled pasta & Is shared her mum's veg platter - especially enjoying the mozzarella! (note to self - try Evie on mozzarella!!). This was accompanied by the regulation break sticks!

We then decided to have an early drinkies in the Belper Arms...but as this would be at Evie's dinner time DH made her a mini packed dinner....more grapes & leftover sweet potato pancakes which she loves! It was possibly a it cheeky to feed her whilst we just had drinks - but it was better than her crying I guess!!


Mel x

Pre made 'baby' finger food!

Thursday 8 March

I'm usually in no way a fan of these styled baby foods....but Evie decided she couldn't wait any longer for food in Sainsbury's! As my kitchen cupboards are over flowing with packets of mini bread sticks from previous emergencies I was loathe to buy another packet - and so I found myself in unfamiliar turf in the "baby food" aisle! I generally think these things are a bit dubious and overpriced for what they are....but desperate times and all!

I plumped for a goodies flapjack thing, made with tomato & some other veg....whilst it dyed Evie orange (along with her clothes) it did do the trick - and promised to be additive free! I wonder if I can make my own - as oaty/veggie bars seem a good idea - any hints, tips or recipes?

The Polenta was a bigger hit for dinner too


Mel x

Spinach & Mushroom Polenta

Wed 7 March

The O's came in handy today along with raising (which were more of a success today) as a good distraction at breakfast time, allowing me to knock up not only some dinner for DH & I for later but also some spinach & mushroom polenta for Evie.

She had this for supper, and whilst she didn't eat loads, from the evil spinach nappy the next day she did eat plenty!!

Its super quick & easy to make - and you could add all sorts to it...and its healthy too!


Mel x

Cheese Scone in John Lewis

Tuesday 6 March

for someone who says she never goes out I seem to have had a run of eating out lately!! DH & I went shopping in Tamworth, and decided to stop for lunch at John Lewis. A cheese scone seemed a sensible option for madam.

The ladies at the next table kept saying how advanced she was - feeding herself at 7 months!! I guess they are not BLW'ers lol!

Supper was another try at the pasta, spinach & philly - again she liked the sauce but not the pasta...I wonder if it is the penne I use...what shaped pasta do you use?


Mel x

ps - that second photo is one of my faves...even with a mouth full of scone my daughter is a beauty!!

Pizza Express

Sunday 4 March

an uneventful day food wise, but as a treat Evie, G & I went to the cinema and for pizza afterwards. Evie really enjoyed the dough balls - but I left off the garlic butter. She then ate a few bits of my romesco base mushroom pizza and some slices of bell pepper from George's side salad! This is why I love BLW - its so easy to do out & about! I'd love to hear some out & about stories frommy readers!


Mel x

Oat Cakes

Sat 3 March

As an alternative to crackers I tried Evie again on mini oatcakes topped with philly & served with halved cherry tomatoes - a firm fave!!Do you think she likes it? lol

Supper was a fish finger, sweet potato & no added sugar or salt baked beans....all of which were a hit!


Mel x


Tuesday 28 Feb

amongst a day of repeats, Evie & I had a mummy & daughter day out in Leicester...with a delicious lunch in wagamamas. Evie thought she was capable of using the chopsticks!

She really enjoyed her lunch of vegetable gyoza!

People were stopping to look at her as they passed in the street!


Mel x

The pincer grip improves & a right mess!

Monday 27 Feb

I made a great discovery in Sainsbury's of gluten free "O"'s - like cheerio's but without 10 tonnes of sugar. They are a great occupier as well as a tasty snack as Evie spends ages working on picking them up!!

For dinner I resurrected a former George special of pasta with philadelphia & spinach... She wasn't keen on the pasta but loved the fact I resorted to loaded spoons of the sauce! Be warned though, spinach makes for grim nappies the following day!!George was not a fan of the mess!! haha


Mel x

Mini Quiche

Sat 25 Feb

the day started with repeats (incl strawbs!) but as DH took both the kids out with him whilst he did the grocery shopping I got busy in the kitchen.

I had been trying to think of some of the good stuff I used to give George, especially with spinach in for iron! (Spinach is great as it is fill of Vitamin C too which aids iron absorbtion). I finally found the handy 'balls' of frozen chopped spinach which are great to stir into baby food - helps cool hot food & is super handy. (Frozen veg isn't crap despite what some people say!).

So, I made mini spinach quiches - some to eat over the next couple of days & some to freeze! They were such a hit Evie did her 2nd sign - more!! yay!!


Mel x


Friday 24 Feb

The rest of the day was repeats, but I finally relented and bought some non-british strawbs aas they were on offer & actually smelled like strawberries lol!

DH fed her them, so no pictures (grrrr!!) but she adored them, & no allergy concerns following them! In fact, the only concern was he forgot to use a bib so everything she had on is stained red!

Good food day - bad dh day lol


Mel x

Pincer Grip - raisins & beans!

Thurdsay 23 Feb

so, we appear to have a fledgling pincer grip....Missy tried raising this morning and was picking them up & getting them into her mouth! However, she wasn't really eating them, and on the whole I ended up picking them out of her mouth as they were just sitting in a cheek hamster styleee!!

We did have a bit more success with some baked beans for supper - these were the full fat sugar & salt variety we have - but I was short on ideas & time and as a one off aren't a problem. She wasn't fussed about the accompanying baked potato, but loved the cheese & baked beans! This is good, as this is a fall back, guilt free after school dinner for G, so being able to double up makes my life easier! They both eat much better sharing a meal time too!


Mel x

AWOL - I have to apologise

eek!! How have I left it so long to blog? Well, having a 5.5 yr old and a 7 month baby is my general excuse! Also, when you let blogging slide it starts to feel like an impossible task to keep up!

I will be doing a massive catch up - but I will try and just do the highlights rather than a daily update until I am back on track!

There are 4 main updates:

1. Evie has 2 teeth - so biting is easier
2. we have a pincer grip!!
3. I worry she has too many bread sticks!
4. I have made a conscious effort to cook more!



Mel x