Friday, 3 February 2012

Pancake Rolls, Fruity 5 & frustration

Friday 3 February

Once again I was feeling the fruit overload guilt, plus the "I don't cook for my baby" guilt - so I made pancake rolls for Evie's lunch. Today I just spread with a little philly, but I used to do them for George with all sorts of fillings....see sushi pancake rolls in recipes!! Madam threw them on the floor.

So I resorted to went mostly on the floor....

At supper time, I tried her on some buttered fruity five - a fruit bread type affair. It was sucked, and a fair bit eaten, but I was playing catch with it a lot! I found yesterdays left over fruit (satsuma & monster grapes) so she had those whilst dh finished off his work and I escaped to catch up on here...

God BLW can be frustrating at times!!!!


Mel x

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Mel_x said...

Saturday 2nd December 2006 - I was equally frustrated with BLW!! haha, glad I can reassure myself with this blog!!


Mel x