Friday, 3 February 2012

IKEA lunch

Monday 30 January

George was off school today after a nasty bout of croup on the Sunday night, and so I took them both to IKEA....

Once again my total lack of organisation came to bear, as I realised that I had no food for Evie, no big, no nothing!! A random man in the queue in the restaurant told me that IKEA usually have disposable bibs - but just my luck there were none in the Nottingham branch today! Then I worrid what she could have....luckily George wanted pasta, and so I stole a few pieces of penne for Evie. Then - joy of joys!! - IKEA give kids a free piece of fruit if you buy a kids a fine dinner of pasta & satsuma followed!

I managed to improvise a bib with an only slightly grubby muslin....

In the evening - resigned to the fact we have drifted to 2 meals a day madam had half a large tomato cut into 6ths, and the ever popular pear!


Mel x

ps - was it mean that I chuckled to myself as I ate my delicious HOT lunch whilst Evie chowed down in IKEA as I watched the mum on the next table watch her food go cold as she spoon fed her baby! (who was older than E!!) - perhaps....but try taking 2 kids round IKEA and not be slightly manic!!

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