Sunday, 12 February 2012


Sat 11 Feb

Evie had a slightly off brunch of rusks, apple & pear....dh left the apple raw, so it was no doubt nice on her new tooth - but not much got eaten!!
For supper he fancied burgers....and joked saying he would make Evie a mini slider! As he was making his own burgers, I said he could!! Its pure nice minced beef, with an onion and a bread bun! He did go a bit giddy with ketchup on presenting them to me....but most was removed before missy got them!!

Overall she preferred the bun!! haha, that's my girl!! For new readers, I'm a veggie, dh isn't. He made me promise with G that I would let him eat meat and choose later on...I agreed if he did the meet G had occasional meat!!

Mel x

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