Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank god for baby cafe & the dreaded Kiwi!!!

I had an exam this morning (long story!) and so we both missed swimming, so went directly to baby'd think that this would have made me more organised with Evie's lunch - - but I was worse!!!

Thankfully baby cafe has a healthy eating bee in its bonnet - and so we are provided with fresh fruit & other healthy was fruit.

As such we were able to improvise once again with tying Evie to the chair with a muslin (in the style of one of the portable highchairs rather than in a hostage style!!) and away we went.

She had apple (which was once again raw, but seems to be well liked - I MUST bake an apple for her!!), satsuma & kiwi. Kiwi is an allergy risk, so I will avoid strawberries (horrible out of season so I'd avoid anyway!!) and tomatoes & eggs for a day or 2.....but we have no allergies within the family so I am not too concerned. She did seem to enjoy the kiwi though!


Mel x


jo said...

Hi Mel, just found your blog by chance and it is a great read! My little girl is 5 months and I am holding out for another few weeks before introducing solids. I love the idea of blw but all the information I have found just say, for example, give your baby steamed carrot sticks. I need more information than that!
Now I have seen your pictures I feel so much more confident, especially with types of food and size of pieces etc.

It feels like all I get asked at the moment is "have you given her baby rice yet" - It makes me want to force feed baby rice to the people that ask me haha.

Anyway thanks again, your little Evie is so gorgeous and really looks like she is enjoying her food, you and her have inspired me and given me confidence! :))

Mel_x said...

Hi Jo,

it can be very confusing starting out & I'm glad we could help!

lol at the force feeding baby rice - I HATE baby rice!! It's like wall paper paste, in both texture & nutritional value lol!!


Mel x