Tuesday, 17 January 2012



I've managed to add a picture of my little christmas pudding to the Christmas day post!

I will now begin back filling the posts with the pictures I have been taking! I hope there are some readers out there in blog land.....I've not had a lot of comments since starting weaning Evie....but I live in hope!!

If there are readers out there, feel free to say hi etc


Mel x


Ashley said...

I'm reading!! I just found your blog :)
My son is 4 months, and I plan on doing BLW!! A friend of mine does it and I love watching her daughter explore food. I can't wait to start :)

Mrs S said...

Hello, another reader. I'm a mum to a 5 month little girl who I'm planning to BLW. Your blog has really helped me and inspired me to start my own blog when we start weaning so I can hopefully help someone one day :-)

Mel x said...

I've been stalking your blog for the last couple of months! we started blw just before christmas. I set up a 2nd blog for it too, yours has been fabulous inspiration x

Ashley Cheechoo said...

I am reading!!! I just started my 6 mo old on BLW and love to hear what others have experienced :)
So far my little man loves to mush food around and has tried everything we put in front of him, doesnt always make it past "trying it out" part but at least he tries! Keep posting girl!