Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lunch out!

Okay, so the title of this post is over billing it slightly! Wednesdays are baby swimming followed by our breastfeeding cafe (where I'm a bf peer supporter).

As 1. we are out of our routine after Xmas and 2. Evie was having a rare nap it didn't occur to me until running out the door that we needed to take Evie food for the cafe (I buy my lunch on the way between groups!!). As such I grabbed a clementine & a banana and ran! I did also grab a long sleeve bib which arrived in this mornings post!

I did forget the portable strap to any chair booster though, so poor Evie had the indignity of being tied to a toddler chair with a muslin square to eat!! She did a sterling job though, and I think we may have another convert (possibly) to BLW - hopefully Pippa's mummy will find the blog in the next few days / weeks & think its as good an idea as we all do!!


Mel x

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