Saturday, 7 January 2012

A long wait.....and then apple & a baked potato

So, after Christmas dinner I left it for a few days to see if Evie seemed interested in food again. Whilst she had given her first foods a good suck she didn't seem overly bothered.

As such, I left her to just milk. By 3rd Jan she seemed very fractious and so I thought i'd offer some more food. She had a spare baked potato left over from the previous nights dinner cut into wedges & an apple cut into the same sized pieces.

The apple was raw, and so was good for her to really bite - she is teething like mad!! She did get a few bits off, and seemed to spit them back. Same with the potato, but a little of that may well have been eaten!

onward & upward!! She enjoyed sitting at the table though, and trying to eat so I will be more consistent!


Mel x

ps - George wanted to sneak into a picture!!

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