Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy 6 months Evie Mouse

Well, it is here - my tiny baby is officially 6 months old - and the food world is finally her oyster!! Can she have oysters? I actually have no idea - but I'd guess the puree brigade would have a heart attack at the very thought!

To celebrate this milestone I offered her a crumpet - with shock horror, salted butter!! I will buy unsalted, but I had forgotten! She was spectacularly unimpressed though, and it went on the floor quick sharp!

I also then tried her with some cherry tomatoes....a bit small really still, and she wasn't impressed! By the time we cracked open the salad tray though my husbands friend had popped round and he was proving too great a distraction - so largely food was a failure today!

I did us all baked sweet potato for supper, so have put in an extra one for Evie for lunch tomorrow - Maternal guilt appeased for another mealtime!


Mel x


virginmother said...

Oysters are recommended in Canada as an early food to start. They are high in iron. I'm actually looking forward to a lunchtime mommy & baby takeover of a super posh oyster bar in the city. Need to get a posse together!


Mel_x said...

Wow! That's really interesting, thanks for the info!


Mel x