Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Crackers & Philadelphia

I sent my darling husband to the shops on saturday with express instructions to buy breadsticks & unsalted butter for Evie....unfortunately, as I asked George to pass on the message dh decided to ignore me!!

In desperation at something to try Evie with I grabbed a cream cracker....and thinking that looked a little workhouse like alone I added a decent smear of full fat philly - and Evie seriously couldn't get them in quickly enough!! This is a VERY messy dinner choice, so not one for out & about yet....but a really easy fall back & certainly it seems hugely popular!

She also had a few peach slices...still too slippery to get a hold of easily, but the new "tiny diner" tray helps as it has a tray that hangs off the table edge to catch the 'swept' food!

I am working on the pictures issue - bear with me!!


Mel x

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