Saturday, 7 January 2012

Broccoli & Cucumber

I was cooking a veggie lasagna for our dinner, part of which was some broccoli - so I cooked a couple of extra bits for madam - they were not a hit....but (hangs head in shame) I had only microwaved them so it wasn't broccoli at its best! Evie was not impressed - and basically chucked it straight on the floor!! Next time I'll cook it in the steamer lol!!
As that was a disaster I offered some cucumber - which she really loved! Cold cucumber is another teething baby classic, but she did eat a fair bit (well, for a baby lol!!) and seemed to enjoy it.

so mixed reviews!


Mel x

ps - I MUST sort out the pictures, as they are very funny - especially the one I have of her hiding broccoli!!

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