Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Baby corn & Banana

So, I cooked 4 baby corns yesterday & Evie only ate 2, so she had the others today.

She was more interested in the very brown (and so very sweet) banana, only problem was it was VERY squishy & as such VERY messy - especially as the long sleeved bibs still haven't arrived!

It is helpful that Evie eats with 1 or 2 fingers in her mouth as this helps her to eat smaller pieces of food already!

Whilst it is cool to see her eat, I forgot how frustrating the early days can be when a lot of food seems to end up on the floor....I guess this is one of the reasons why people give up & think it isn't working - IT IS, I promise!! I hate waste, and I'm a little OCD but it will improve quickly and the reward will be another lo who eats everything


Mel x

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