Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank god for baby cafe & the dreaded Kiwi!!!

I had an exam this morning (long story!) and so we both missed swimming, so went directly to baby'd think that this would have made me more organised with Evie's lunch - - but I was worse!!!

Thankfully baby cafe has a healthy eating bee in its bonnet - and so we are provided with fresh fruit & other healthy was fruit.

As such we were able to improvise once again with tying Evie to the chair with a muslin (in the style of one of the portable highchairs rather than in a hostage style!!) and away we went.

She had apple (which was once again raw, but seems to be well liked - I MUST bake an apple for her!!), satsuma & kiwi. Kiwi is an allergy risk, so I will avoid strawberries (horrible out of season so I'd avoid anyway!!) and tomatoes & eggs for a day or 2.....but we have no allergies within the family so I am not too concerned. She did seem to enjoy the kiwi though!


Mel x

Double Baked potato!

I had a friend come round for coffee this afternoon, arriving around lunch time, so dh was in charge of Evie's lunch....not as daunting as it sounds as I had baked a potato for her on monday night!

He did choose to match it with peach slices though - poor girl!

She had an impromptu second meal as she was sat in the bumbo avidly watching him cook dinner later on, and so he dug out the uneaten food from lunch & gave her a bit more!

I am not sure I would repeat meals in the same day through choice - but she seemed happy enough!


Mel x

A failure!

I seem to have no record for sunday 22nd Jan, so onward to monday 23rd!!

I had bought some fresh peaches, and hoped to recreate the success of the whole pear....but the peaches were quite under ripe (which is how I prefer mine!!) so not easy whole - and tbh they weren't a great deal better when sliced up.

So we resorted to the fall back position of half a banana!!

Luckily, George finished off the uneaten halves....big brothers are so handy!!


Mel x

The Queen of Spoons!!

a new day & a double new experience!!

I baked a sweet potato - which I used to do often for George, but this one was far too squidgy for madam to properly eat with her hands.

So I resorted to the old 'loaded spoon' option - and she did a cracking job - she really did eat loads and seemed to know exactly what to do with the spoon! I did 2 spoons in rotation, and this seemed to work quite well - I'm pleased as I have given this advice a few times to other BLW mums!
I think you'll agree she did well!!


Mel x

Friday, 20 January 2012

a Pub lunch with friends!

My good friend visited us today, with her 3 year old daughter, and so we went for a mummy & me lunch in our local pub!

Miss Evie had some green & red pepper strips from our side salads, a couple of slices of tomato & a couple of fat cut chips. Now, chips are really not the devils own food in this scenario.... proper chipped potatoes fried in veggie oil. No salt or ketchup etc. They may not be a slimmers choice - or an every day choice - but there is nothing inherently bad about them!

Evie seemed very interested in the world at large though (as usual!!) and so not a lot was eaten.


Mel x


Malt loaf

My darling husband decided, of his own volition, to give my Miss Mouse a breakfast of malt loaf. Of course, he didn't use the mat - so malt loaf was nicely ground into the table when I got up!!

I offered her a 'snack' of a small bit of banana (not keen) and a cream cracker with Philli - again as a way of increasing social eating time as she ate with George again.

No pictures....I was desperately trying to cook dinner!!


Mel x

2 Meals!!


so this wasn't a conscious effort to give Evie more food in a day but more of a slightly crap parenting decision. It was wednesday again, so the whole lunch at baby cafe was necessary! I grabbed 2 cooked yesterday & refrigerated baby corns...but what else? I didn't want hugely messy food as the seating there isn't ideal and she wastes lots. So I grabbed a whole apple - which she had in chunks at cafe! Great teething, but not such good eating.

So, when George was having his after school snack of crumpets & salad I made an extra crumpet for madam.....and she loved it!!
I have GOT to work on more fresh veggies though! Urgh, maternal guilt!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012



I've managed to add a picture of my little christmas pudding to the Christmas day post!

I will now begin back filling the posts with the pictures I have been taking! I hope there are some readers out there in blog land.....I've not had a lot of comments since starting weaning Evie....but I live in hope!!

If there are readers out there, feel free to say hi etc


Mel x

Cheddar Cheese

Yes, good old fashioned long cut sticks of cheese. They were quite crumbly, but she did manage to gum off bits!

I accompanied these with the obvious accompaniment to cheese - baby corns!! lol!

She gave everything a good go, and was smiling & enthusiastic but I'm not sure that a huge amount was actually eaten!

onwards & upwards


Mel x

Crackers & Philadelphia

I sent my darling husband to the shops on saturday with express instructions to buy breadsticks & unsalted butter for Evie....unfortunately, as I asked George to pass on the message dh decided to ignore me!!

In desperation at something to try Evie with I grabbed a cream cracker....and thinking that looked a little workhouse like alone I added a decent smear of full fat philly - and Evie seriously couldn't get them in quickly enough!! This is a VERY messy dinner choice, so not one for out & about yet....but a really easy fall back & certainly it seems hugely popular!

She also had a few peach slices...still too slippery to get a hold of easily, but the new "tiny diner" tray helps as it has a tray that hangs off the table edge to catch the 'swept' food!

I am working on the pictures issue - bear with me!!


Mel x

Potato Cakes

Very popular lunch option at our house today.

Both Evie & George had potato cakes, and I think this added to Evie's enjoyment of them - that she was eating the same as her beloved big brother!

It was a quite uninspiring food day really - a thoroughly lazy sunday for us!!


Mel x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy 6 months Evie Mouse

Well, it is here - my tiny baby is officially 6 months old - and the food world is finally her oyster!! Can she have oysters? I actually have no idea - but I'd guess the puree brigade would have a heart attack at the very thought!

To celebrate this milestone I offered her a crumpet - with shock horror, salted butter!! I will buy unsalted, but I had forgotten! She was spectacularly unimpressed though, and it went on the floor quick sharp!

I also then tried her with some cherry tomatoes....a bit small really still, and she wasn't impressed! By the time we cracked open the salad tray though my husbands friend had popped round and he was proving too great a distraction - so largely food was a failure today!

I did us all baked sweet potato for supper, so have put in an extra one for Evie for lunch tomorrow - Maternal guilt appeased for another mealtime!


Mel x

2 Pears!

So, Evie didn't eat everything on offer today - but she was really enjoying eating her pears, and as they will soon be past their best I thought "why not give her a second"!

She did eat quite well, and there was less left than I'd have expected - but she didn't eat the whole 2 pears!!

I am finding it quite hard going to be as enthusiastic about what new foods to try her on as I was with George....perhaps this is just 2nd baby syndrome!

onwards & upwards


Mel x

Not sure these are the right day's pictures as I'm back filling - but this is a day when she helped herself to a pear from the fruit bowl!!

and not much was left!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lunch out!

Okay, so the title of this post is over billing it slightly! Wednesdays are baby swimming followed by our breastfeeding cafe (where I'm a bf peer supporter).

As 1. we are out of our routine after Xmas and 2. Evie was having a rare nap it didn't occur to me until running out the door that we needed to take Evie food for the cafe (I buy my lunch on the way between groups!!). As such I grabbed a clementine & a banana and ran! I did also grab a long sleeve bib which arrived in this mornings post!

I did forget the portable strap to any chair booster though, so poor Evie had the indignity of being tied to a toddler chair with a muslin square to eat!! She did a sterling job though, and I think we may have another convert (possibly) to BLW - hopefully Pippa's mummy will find the blog in the next few days / weeks & think its as good an idea as we all do!!


Mel x

Baby corn & Banana

So, I cooked 4 baby corns yesterday & Evie only ate 2, so she had the others today.

She was more interested in the very brown (and so very sweet) banana, only problem was it was VERY squishy & as such VERY messy - especially as the long sleeved bibs still haven't arrived!

It is helpful that Evie eats with 1 or 2 fingers in her mouth as this helps her to eat smaller pieces of food already!

Whilst it is cool to see her eat, I forgot how frustrating the early days can be when a lot of food seems to end up on the floor....I guess this is one of the reasons why people give up & think it isn't working - IT IS, I promise!! I hate waste, and I'm a little OCD but it will improve quickly and the reward will be another lo who eats everything


Mel x

Baby Corn & Peach Slices

Yes, I do mean together!!

The peach slices are from the fridge containers, so slightly posher tinned peaches in juice - a great stand-by. They are pretty slippery so I dried them on kitchen towel - but post 6 months I will crush a few corn flakes or rice crispies & roll slippery food in them to improve the grip!

both a hit & eaten well


Mel x

Bad mummy or bad blogger?

no idea if we did food on Sunday - I have no record of any & no recollection either!



Mel x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Oh my darling.......Clementine!

a huge hit....Evie cannot get the segments into her mouth quickly enough!!

She must have de-juiced almost all the segments from the clementine, although her enthusiasm for grabbing them was such that as always the floor has had a fair amount of food. I really need to get a dog - although with the first foods being fruit & veggies perhaps a house rabbit would be a better hoover!!

This is a definite success & is one of the easiest things to take for BLW on the move!

George is back to school on monday, and the round of baby groups begins once more, and so this will become a consideration. Evie is still fed her solids on a "when I think of it' schedule so we should be able to eat at home in between some groups and the school run! Wednesday she will need feeding at out breastfeeding group - where the HV's assistant nurse is not a fan of BLW....but I look at it as another way to spread the BLW message and convert more mums!!

I will, as always, keep you posted!


Mel x

Delicious Pear

A firm favorite so far it appears!!

She ate lots, really biting chunks off with her hard little gums & eating it all! She was really enjoying it.

We had a couple of gags on the skin, but nothing dramatic and she got the skin back into her mouth and matter of factly spat it out & carried on eating!! Good girl!!

I have ordered new bibs & one of the kiddopolus trays with a scoop so hopefully we will be less messy with this food soon!


Mel x

ps - who says babies need teeth to eat......

Broccoli & Cucumber

I was cooking a veggie lasagna for our dinner, part of which was some broccoli - so I cooked a couple of extra bits for madam - they were not a hit....but (hangs head in shame) I had only microwaved them so it wasn't broccoli at its best! Evie was not impressed - and basically chucked it straight on the floor!! Next time I'll cook it in the steamer lol!!
As that was a disaster I offered some cucumber - which she really loved! Cold cucumber is another teething baby classic, but she did eat a fair bit (well, for a baby lol!!) and seemed to enjoy it.

so mixed reviews!


Mel x

ps - I MUST sort out the pictures, as they are very funny - especially the one I have of her hiding broccoli!!

A long wait.....and then apple & a baked potato

So, after Christmas dinner I left it for a few days to see if Evie seemed interested in food again. Whilst she had given her first foods a good suck she didn't seem overly bothered.

As such, I left her to just milk. By 3rd Jan she seemed very fractious and so I thought i'd offer some more food. She had a spare baked potato left over from the previous nights dinner cut into wedges & an apple cut into the same sized pieces.

The apple was raw, and so was good for her to really bite - she is teething like mad!! She did get a few bits off, and seemed to spit them back. Same with the potato, but a little of that may well have been eaten!

onward & upward!! She enjoyed sitting at the table though, and trying to eat so I will be more consistent!


Mel x

ps - George wanted to sneak into a picture!!

Christmas Dinner

Well, the day has finally arrived! I can't believe my tiny baby can possibly be trying actual food - but she is!!

In the midst of the Christmas chaos I did remember to roast a couple of slices each of carrot & parsnip in a separate roasting dish for Evie (I put honey on ours, and under 1's can't have honey).

I need to work out how to get the pictures off my phone & onto here as my poor baby was dressed like a christmas pudding courtesy of my baby brother....and looked adorable!! She knew exactly what to do with the food, and she gave both a good suck!! I think some was eaten too!


Mel x