Friday, 27 April 2012

2 meals out in 1 day!

Thursday 26 April

After tiny talk this morning Evie & I went into Birmingham to get more (always more!!) bias binding to finish off the 75 meters of bunting i'm making to decorate the house & garden for Evie's naming. Of course, the damn stall wasn't at the rag market so we have to go back!

I ended up shopping - eek! But had no lunch for madam with me. She started crying whilst we were still in the shops, and i passified her with half a packet of dried apricots stored in my handbag! That didn't keep her going for long so I rushed into boots in a panic! The baby food all looked minging, so we checked out the real people food! Hurrah - 2 slices of buttered malt loaf! She pretty much ate both slices, but didn't start on the pot of fruit chunks id got as back up (which G ate later!!).

We had a share of a little of my lunch in wagamama, but was mostly full from her shopping snacks!

Dh took us out for a meal in the evening, and not knowing the size of the kids pizza's at ask these days (new menu!) we ordered her a seperate one from George - it was HUGE!!! She had no hope - but did munch / drop 3 or 4 pieces!

George had chocolate ice cream for pudding - and he shared a small bit with Evie - she loved it!! Bad mummy!!


Mel x

oh no - i'm not eating that omlette!!

Wednesday 25 April,

isn't it very annoying when your baby refuses to eat something that they usually love. Evie usually can't get enough of omlettes, so for dinner we made her a mushroom, onion & ham omlette - she wouldn't even entertain it!!

Instead she screamed at it until we relented and gave her a banana - she loves bananas!! Urgh!


Mel x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fajitas & a confirmed carnivore

Tuesday 24 April

Today starte easily enough with some toasted & buttered hot cross buns!

Lunch was some left over sweet potato & sweetcorn pancakes. I'd made them last night for dinner, and she seriously couldn't get them into her mouth quickly enough! As left overs, even with the ever present philly once again swirled over them she wasn't as keen. A few strawberries were a welcome pudding!

We actually managed a family dinner at the table this evening - dh made fajitas! I gave her a 'deconstructed' fajita - how very cheffy!!

watching her big brother whilst eating! 

going back for more after pudding!
Evie, who usually likes tomates & cheese rejected all of what was on her plate except the turkey! She kept signing 'more' as soon as she had eaten what she had!

She had 2 tubes of yoghurt afterwards - and then went back for a little more turkey!


Mel x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pizza Express & Pirates!

Wednesday 18 April
Breakfast wasn't newsworthy - and dh was once again in charge!
We took both kids to see The Pirates! in Derby, taking advantage of the orange wednesdays pizza express offer too. Evie had a kids dough balls (served with a mini side salad) supplemented with some of my tomate & mozerella salad and a bit of George's pizza too....she was like an eating machine!!
but still had room for a little table (bruise on full display!)
We offered pasta in a philly & spinach sauce, but she wasn't impressed - so we fell back to the old faithful of a banana!
Mel x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chav dinner

Tuesday 17 April,

Todat has been a bit of a slapdash day food wise.

Breakfast was a scotch pancake with lemon & raisins, and some more 'O's'.

Lunch was a couple of baby bel's - and some tiger bread & butter followed by some water melon.

I bought 2 new cups for her today, we use the tommee tippee free flow cups - but Evie just pours the water out over herself. I refuse to use the any-way-up cups for all the scare mongered reasons - so am trying a straw cup and a soft teat cup. The reason - we have been very light in the nappy departent, and as she has reduced her bf's then I'm worried she is getting dehydrated. She did much better with both!

Supper, to my great shame was fish fingers (ok!) and pre-made hash browns! These are in the parent rubbish part of the freezer, not the nutritius for kids - but dh was in charge & he saw them! I was too ashamed to take a picture. This was followed by 2 tubes of yoghurt - she was signing more to dh, but he thought 2 was enough!!


Mel x


Monday 16 April

My poor baby is in the wars today! We have had to go see the doctor, as what we thought was a small teething rash suddenly flared up into a horrid rash - she looked like we had spilled boiling water on her. The Dr has prescribed a medicated cream to use twice a day, and thankfully ruled out an allergy.

We were concerned about allergies being a possibility so poor Evie had a boring food day! She started with 'O's' for breakfast - and then lunched on baby corn and asparagus spears....the latter of which were not a success!!

After her diagnosis she was allowed more, and so had a dinner of hummus with celery (she ignored!!), cucumber and breadsticks - followed by a whole banana!

You will see her other mishap - she headbutted the radiator! She is fine, but it looks awful!


Mel x
ps - damn blog won't let me upload a second picture!! no clue why - apologies!

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Saturday 14 April

so, we are at the end of the second week of Easter holidays (George has another week left!) and some routine returned in the shape of George's saturday 8.30am swimming lessons!

After Evie's 12 hr sleep though the night (halleluja!!!) she had a fine breakfast with dh of scotch pancakes! we buy the lemon & raisin ones - and I'm addicted to them!!

Lunch was a mammoth affair of a banana, a clementine, 3 chilli crackers with philly (yes, dh was in charge!!), and some canteloupe melon!! Dh was in shock as to how much she ate!!

Supper was home made pizza - but by now madam is a little grumpy & didn't match lunch times mega meal!!

DH's pizza's are the thing of legend - so how she could leave any we don't know!!

She finished her dinner with some water melon! By that time I was blogging not photographing!!

Observant readers may notice the new high chair - the old one is excellent & lasted G from 6 months till 5 years - but madam was covering it in so much food cleaning it was all I did. So we invested in the old faithful ikea chair - which on really bad days dh takes outside & hoses down with the garden hose lol!!

it's good to be back!!


Mel x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

an excuse, an apology & a promise to try harder!

My name is Mel, and I am a terriblt blogger! Its been weeks since my last blog!

My excuses are as follows:

1. my old mac is on its last legs - so uploading pics takes FOREVER!! and I know it will be a mammoth task

2. where is the time for a mammoth task!

3. Evie is cutting tooth 4, and tooth 3 has only just come though. Boy do we know they are coming!!

4. it is 4 weeks (ish) till Evie's naming far I have baked 72 cupcakes & a victoria sponge to go into the freezer ready for the big day! I also have 60 meters (or so) of bunting to make - and I'm making Evie's shoes!!

However, excuses over, my lovely husband Steve has offered me the use of his laptop for blogging purposes - with the promise of a synched phone, so it all sounds much quicker. Plus, I can blog & veg out, not be sent to the office alone to blog!

However, don't expect much tonight, as I plan a long soak in the bath!!

oh - and excuse 5, Jillian Michaels is presently kicking my butt 5 nights a week, so i'm half dead!! haha

I hope you bear with me! Once piece of news on the food front - my lovely daughter is a confirmed carnivore.....she loves sausage, chicken & fish!! Steve made her a beef bolognaise sauce this week, but the teeth have caused her appitite to drop, so not sure she appreciated it much!


Mel x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nottingham Uni Research

Just as an aside - I've added a new link!

Nottingham Uni have done some great research which shows that BLW babies are at a lessened risk of obesity than puree fed babies.

To me, as a follow on to bf this seems obvious - but it's always nice to have it confirmed by some boffins!


Mel x

Jamie's Italian & the Oldest Pub in Leicestershire

Friday 9 March

DH have Evie a breakfast of grapes & a rusk and then (after the school run) we headed into Birmingham to the rag market with a friend.

She recommended Jamie's Italian - and with 2 BLW babies we thought that Jamie's would be family friendly enough to cope - after all the man has 4 kids himself!! Evie shared my (to die for delicious) wild mushroom filled pasta & Is shared her mum's veg platter - especially enjoying the mozzarella! (note to self - try Evie on mozzarella!!). This was accompanied by the regulation break sticks!

We then decided to have an early drinkies in the Belper Arms...but as this would be at Evie's dinner time DH made her a mini packed dinner....more grapes & leftover sweet potato pancakes which she loves! It was possibly a it cheeky to feed her whilst we just had drinks - but it was better than her crying I guess!!


Mel x

Pre made 'baby' finger food!

Thursday 8 March

I'm usually in no way a fan of these styled baby foods....but Evie decided she couldn't wait any longer for food in Sainsbury's! As my kitchen cupboards are over flowing with packets of mini bread sticks from previous emergencies I was loathe to buy another packet - and so I found myself in unfamiliar turf in the "baby food" aisle! I generally think these things are a bit dubious and overpriced for what they are....but desperate times and all!

I plumped for a goodies flapjack thing, made with tomato & some other veg....whilst it dyed Evie orange (along with her clothes) it did do the trick - and promised to be additive free! I wonder if I can make my own - as oaty/veggie bars seem a good idea - any hints, tips or recipes?

The Polenta was a bigger hit for dinner too


Mel x

Spinach & Mushroom Polenta

Wed 7 March

The O's came in handy today along with raising (which were more of a success today) as a good distraction at breakfast time, allowing me to knock up not only some dinner for DH & I for later but also some spinach & mushroom polenta for Evie.

She had this for supper, and whilst she didn't eat loads, from the evil spinach nappy the next day she did eat plenty!!

Its super quick & easy to make - and you could add all sorts to it...and its healthy too!


Mel x

Cheese Scone in John Lewis

Tuesday 6 March

for someone who says she never goes out I seem to have had a run of eating out lately!! DH & I went shopping in Tamworth, and decided to stop for lunch at John Lewis. A cheese scone seemed a sensible option for madam.

The ladies at the next table kept saying how advanced she was - feeding herself at 7 months!! I guess they are not BLW'ers lol!

Supper was another try at the pasta, spinach & philly - again she liked the sauce but not the pasta...I wonder if it is the penne I use...what shaped pasta do you use?


Mel x

ps - that second photo is one of my faves...even with a mouth full of scone my daughter is a beauty!!

Pizza Express

Sunday 4 March

an uneventful day food wise, but as a treat Evie, G & I went to the cinema and for pizza afterwards. Evie really enjoyed the dough balls - but I left off the garlic butter. She then ate a few bits of my romesco base mushroom pizza and some slices of bell pepper from George's side salad! This is why I love BLW - its so easy to do out & about! I'd love to hear some out & about stories frommy readers!


Mel x

Oat Cakes

Sat 3 March

As an alternative to crackers I tried Evie again on mini oatcakes topped with philly & served with halved cherry tomatoes - a firm fave!!Do you think she likes it? lol

Supper was a fish finger, sweet potato & no added sugar or salt baked beans....all of which were a hit!


Mel x


Tuesday 28 Feb

amongst a day of repeats, Evie & I had a mummy & daughter day out in Leicester...with a delicious lunch in wagamamas. Evie thought she was capable of using the chopsticks!

She really enjoyed her lunch of vegetable gyoza!

People were stopping to look at her as they passed in the street!


Mel x

The pincer grip improves & a right mess!

Monday 27 Feb

I made a great discovery in Sainsbury's of gluten free "O"'s - like cheerio's but without 10 tonnes of sugar. They are a great occupier as well as a tasty snack as Evie spends ages working on picking them up!!

For dinner I resurrected a former George special of pasta with philadelphia & spinach... She wasn't keen on the pasta but loved the fact I resorted to loaded spoons of the sauce! Be warned though, spinach makes for grim nappies the following day!!George was not a fan of the mess!! haha


Mel x

Mini Quiche

Sat 25 Feb

the day started with repeats (incl strawbs!) but as DH took both the kids out with him whilst he did the grocery shopping I got busy in the kitchen.

I had been trying to think of some of the good stuff I used to give George, especially with spinach in for iron! (Spinach is great as it is fill of Vitamin C too which aids iron absorbtion). I finally found the handy 'balls' of frozen chopped spinach which are great to stir into baby food - helps cool hot food & is super handy. (Frozen veg isn't crap despite what some people say!).

So, I made mini spinach quiches - some to eat over the next couple of days & some to freeze! They were such a hit Evie did her 2nd sign - more!! yay!!


Mel x


Friday 24 Feb

The rest of the day was repeats, but I finally relented and bought some non-british strawbs aas they were on offer & actually smelled like strawberries lol!

DH fed her them, so no pictures (grrrr!!) but she adored them, & no allergy concerns following them! In fact, the only concern was he forgot to use a bib so everything she had on is stained red!

Good food day - bad dh day lol


Mel x

Pincer Grip - raisins & beans!

Thurdsay 23 Feb

so, we appear to have a fledgling pincer grip....Missy tried raising this morning and was picking them up & getting them into her mouth! However, she wasn't really eating them, and on the whole I ended up picking them out of her mouth as they were just sitting in a cheek hamster styleee!!

We did have a bit more success with some baked beans for supper - these were the full fat sugar & salt variety we have - but I was short on ideas & time and as a one off aren't a problem. She wasn't fussed about the accompanying baked potato, but loved the cheese & baked beans! This is good, as this is a fall back, guilt free after school dinner for G, so being able to double up makes my life easier! They both eat much better sharing a meal time too!


Mel x

AWOL - I have to apologise

eek!! How have I left it so long to blog? Well, having a 5.5 yr old and a 7 month baby is my general excuse! Also, when you let blogging slide it starts to feel like an impossible task to keep up!

I will be doing a massive catch up - but I will try and just do the highlights rather than a daily update until I am back on track!

There are 4 main updates:

1. Evie has 2 teeth - so biting is easier
2. we have a pincer grip!!
3. I worry she has too many bread sticks!
4. I have made a conscious effort to cook more!



Mel x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

English Muffin

Tuesday 21 Feb

As part of my wedding anniversary treat my dh made me eggs benedict for breakfast- yummy!!

I realised that the english muffin was another "white bread alternative" and was another great success....

unlike my blogging - which after a seemingly long half term has gone awry, along with my BLW imagination - I will be back on form soon dear readers!


Mel x

weekend away

Sat 18 & Sun 19 February

We were still at my parents, so there was nothing new really eaten...but on sunday she did surprise me by eating 2 yoghurts!! in 1 sitting!!

Nothing much really to report though!


Mel x

3 meals & Fish 'n' Chips

Friday 17 Feb

In an attempt to see if more food = more sleep I tried giving Evie porridge this we are away we were feeding her just on the table - which wasn't easy! I made the porridge too thick to be spooned....and im sure it was foul! Next time, something needs adding!!

Lunch out was breadsticks & cheddar cheese....with a small try of my spicy butternut squash soup in the local (delicious) deli! Yummy!

For supper, and after a long day at the Turner Gallery, we went for the easy option for the kids of fish fingers & oven chips....the fish was a huge hit!!


Mel x


Thursday 16 Feb

I tend not to buy white bread, for obvious health reasons - but that makes toast / sandwiches a bind as Madam cannot have brown bread bagels seemed a good idea. Just plain (as we were heading off on holiday!) buttered - simple and well loved!

At Gran & Grandpa's Evie ate a whole banana - much easier when left in its skin!


Mel x

My Valentines!

Tuesday 14 Feb

It's half term, and so our weaning group met at the local soft play so that George could run around and we could sit & chat unmolested!

I took a lunch of breadsticks & dried apples & apricots, knowing this could be supplemented with lunch I bought for G & I. Hanna has bought her ds some broccoli florets, so madam had a couple of those along with some cucumber from my side salad!

Supper was pears & cheese - not very imaginative!!


Mel x

Baked apples

Monday 13 Feb

a total success - that is all!!


Mel x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Getting ahead

Sun 12 Feb

Dh did Evie a delicious brunch of potato cakes & cherry tomatoes (in half H&S worriers!!)

I made a sunday dinner, so Evie had roast chicken, sprouts & mashed potato via a loaded spoon! She seemed to love the potato!

Whilst the oven was on, I baked an apple & a sweet potato for meals in the week.I also cooked extra mash to make rissoles of some sort! Well, it is half term lol!!


Mel x


Sat 11 Feb

Evie had a slightly off brunch of rusks, apple & pear....dh left the apple raw, so it was no doubt nice on her new tooth - but not much got eaten!!
For supper he fancied burgers....and joked saying he would make Evie a mini slider! As he was making his own burgers, I said he could!! Its pure nice minced beef, with an onion and a bread bun! He did go a bit giddy with ketchup on presenting them to me....but most was removed before missy got them!!

Overall she preferred the bun!! haha, that's my girl!! For new readers, I'm a veggie, dh isn't. He made me promise with G that I would let him eat meat and choose later on...I agreed if he did the meet G had occasional meat!!

Mel x

Daddy Day Care

Friday 10 Feb

I had to go to London today...mixing the pleasure of a lunch with an old friend with a meeting with a girl doing the same sort of work as I will be going back to do...she was lovely btw, but it was work or I would probably have stayed home!

Anyhow, dh was left with expressed milk, and express advice to ensure Evie had plenty of dairy today....yoghurt, cheese etc - to compensate for me not being around.

What did he give her....1 meal of farley's rusks!!! ffs!! However, she was happy & content when I got home...but it is a worry leaving your baby!


Mel x

Fruity 5

Thur 9 Feb

I only have 1 meal listed for today....but I am trying to offer 2, so I must have just forgotten to write it down!!

A bit of fruity 5 (see below!!) with salt free butter!


Mel x

3 being egg!!

Wed 8 Feb

Another wednesday mish mash of food!! DH gave Evie an unexpected breakfast of a scotch pancake and a clementine. This was quite helpful, as it meant I only took breadsticks & dried apple to baby cafe! I had expected there to be fresh fruit to add to this, but we had flapjacks today - and I didn't share with Evie!!

Supper was a voyage into new territory....a cheese & mushroom omelet...cooked in a little butter. She LOVED it, and wolfed it down....but be warned - he nappies were very stinky the day after!!


Mel x

ps - egg is something to watch out for if you have allergies. The yolk is less allergy affecting than the white! just a heads up x

Hummus & Breadsticks

Monday 6 Feb

A manchester classic when weaning George was bread sticks or pittas with hummus - why? Because every cafe in manchester had some form of this on the menu, so I knew G could eat anywhere!! It is less in evidence in rural Leicestershire...but its a good fallback nonetheless!!
Madam had hers with some avocado and LOVED it!! It is messy though!! lol

Mel x


Sunday 5 Feb

No, not BBC2 - but dinner chez nous!

A delicious lunch of bread & butter with pears....followed by a dinner time snack of mangoooooo!!


Mel x

My baby is no longer a Veggie!!

Sat 4 Feb

so madam's first meal of the day was a dizzy excitement of bread & butter and leftover pancake rolls, with a couple of sticks of cucumber.

The main news is from dinnertime.....pan roast chicken, broccoli & dauphinoise potatoes!! She really liked the chicken, and was so so about the potatoes - which is madness as everyone knows that dauphinoise is the food of the gods!!


Mel x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Pancake Rolls, Fruity 5 & frustration

Friday 3 February

Once again I was feeling the fruit overload guilt, plus the "I don't cook for my baby" guilt - so I made pancake rolls for Evie's lunch. Today I just spread with a little philly, but I used to do them for George with all sorts of fillings....see sushi pancake rolls in recipes!! Madam threw them on the floor.

So I resorted to went mostly on the floor....

At supper time, I tried her on some buttered fruity five - a fruit bread type affair. It was sucked, and a fair bit eaten, but I was playing catch with it a lot! I found yesterdays left over fruit (satsuma & monster grapes) so she had those whilst dh finished off his work and I escaped to catch up on here...

God BLW can be frustrating at times!!!!


Mel x

Cooked apple

Thursday 2 Feb

As Evie likes apple, but struggles to chew them, I resorted to an old George trick....and softened them in a little butter in a frying pan. I keep meaning to bake one, but this was the lazy / last minute solution!!


Mel x


Wednesday 1 Feb

We had a delicious lunch today of potato cakes, cheese & tomato. Evie does seem to like the cheese, but it is quite crumbly...I ought to make something with melted cheese!

Supper was another new taste...avocado, eaten along side malt loaf spread with a little philadelphia.....omg how messy!!!

I am facing a new problem though - one I didn't encounter with George....the irresistible lure of the older brother! I am starting to wish I had a great clumpy high chair, with a high back, tray & straps!! He does NOT understand, please sit at the table as otherwise Evie gets distracted! Grrr
Any solutions....please let me hear them!


Mel x


Tuesday 31 Jan

Hurray for left over sunday lunch - it went down just as well cold on a tuesday afternoon!!

Evie & George shared 2 (yes 2!!) mango's for an after school snack....another four for £1 from the market! Evie seems as enthusiastic as George for mango....despite it being very slippery! She also had a few monster grapes, as they are definitely a firm favourite!


Mel x

IKEA lunch

Monday 30 January

George was off school today after a nasty bout of croup on the Sunday night, and so I took them both to IKEA....

Once again my total lack of organisation came to bear, as I realised that I had no food for Evie, no big, no nothing!! A random man in the queue in the restaurant told me that IKEA usually have disposable bibs - but just my luck there were none in the Nottingham branch today! Then I worrid what she could have....luckily George wanted pasta, and so I stole a few pieces of penne for Evie. Then - joy of joys!! - IKEA give kids a free piece of fruit if you buy a kids a fine dinner of pasta & satsuma followed!

I managed to improvise a bib with an only slightly grubby muslin....

In the evening - resigned to the fact we have drifted to 2 meals a day madam had half a large tomato cut into 6ths, and the ever popular pear!


Mel x

ps - was it mean that I chuckled to myself as I ate my delicious HOT lunch whilst Evie chowed down in IKEA as I watched the mum on the next table watch her food go cold as she spoon fed her baby! (who was older than E!!) - perhaps....but try taking 2 kids round IKEA and not be slightly manic!!

Dragon Fruit & Sunday Lunch

Sunday 29 Jan

So, one of our purchases at the fruit & veg market yesterday was 4 dragon fruits for £1 - bargain!!

Evie was decidedly unimpressed tbh, but at least George ate most of a whole fruit!!

I also decided to do a proper sunday lunch, and so made madam roast spuds, roast carrot & parsnip & a few buttered sprouts! All of which went down well, and I did enough to put some in the fridge for another day! My lack of veg / over doing fruit guilt was appeased a little!!


Mel x

Birmingham Rag Market, Monster Grapes & totellini

Sat 28 January

We went adventuring to Birmingham to buy material for my latest craft projects....and stayed so long we had to deal with lunch on the go. DH refused my suggestion of wagamamas (boo!) so we just found a cafe.

We had been round the market, both material stalls & fruit stalls - and had bought some monster grapes...big enough for blw on the go!
She did quite well as you can see sat on daddy's knee.

We did a second meal at about 4 pm, (mainly as she had only had about 3 grapes when we were out!) of cheese tortellini with a little unsalted butter, and a few sticks of cucumber!
All in all, a good eating day!


Mel x

a massive catch up & yoghurt!!

Thursday 25 Jan!

Thank god for baby tracker iphone apps - as I have at least recorded what Evie has had, even if my blogging has been lapse!!

Today was a return to one meal - malt loaf & peach slices, both of which have been done before!However, to try and counter the slipperyness I tried dipping them in crushed rice crispies....not a huge success!!

But for a new taste, I bought tubes of yoghurt - much easier for blw than loaded spoons! Evie went crazy for it.... She kept squeezing the middle of the tube, and getting frustrated!!


Mel x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank god for baby cafe & the dreaded Kiwi!!!

I had an exam this morning (long story!) and so we both missed swimming, so went directly to baby'd think that this would have made me more organised with Evie's lunch - - but I was worse!!!

Thankfully baby cafe has a healthy eating bee in its bonnet - and so we are provided with fresh fruit & other healthy was fruit.

As such we were able to improvise once again with tying Evie to the chair with a muslin (in the style of one of the portable highchairs rather than in a hostage style!!) and away we went.

She had apple (which was once again raw, but seems to be well liked - I MUST bake an apple for her!!), satsuma & kiwi. Kiwi is an allergy risk, so I will avoid strawberries (horrible out of season so I'd avoid anyway!!) and tomatoes & eggs for a day or 2.....but we have no allergies within the family so I am not too concerned. She did seem to enjoy the kiwi though!


Mel x

Double Baked potato!

I had a friend come round for coffee this afternoon, arriving around lunch time, so dh was in charge of Evie's lunch....not as daunting as it sounds as I had baked a potato for her on monday night!

He did choose to match it with peach slices though - poor girl!

She had an impromptu second meal as she was sat in the bumbo avidly watching him cook dinner later on, and so he dug out the uneaten food from lunch & gave her a bit more!

I am not sure I would repeat meals in the same day through choice - but she seemed happy enough!


Mel x

A failure!

I seem to have no record for sunday 22nd Jan, so onward to monday 23rd!!

I had bought some fresh peaches, and hoped to recreate the success of the whole pear....but the peaches were quite under ripe (which is how I prefer mine!!) so not easy whole - and tbh they weren't a great deal better when sliced up.

So we resorted to the fall back position of half a banana!!

Luckily, George finished off the uneaten halves....big brothers are so handy!!


Mel x

The Queen of Spoons!!

a new day & a double new experience!!

I baked a sweet potato - which I used to do often for George, but this one was far too squidgy for madam to properly eat with her hands.

So I resorted to the old 'loaded spoon' option - and she did a cracking job - she really did eat loads and seemed to know exactly what to do with the spoon! I did 2 spoons in rotation, and this seemed to work quite well - I'm pleased as I have given this advice a few times to other BLW mums!
I think you'll agree she did well!!


Mel x

Friday, 20 January 2012

a Pub lunch with friends!

My good friend visited us today, with her 3 year old daughter, and so we went for a mummy & me lunch in our local pub!

Miss Evie had some green & red pepper strips from our side salads, a couple of slices of tomato & a couple of fat cut chips. Now, chips are really not the devils own food in this scenario.... proper chipped potatoes fried in veggie oil. No salt or ketchup etc. They may not be a slimmers choice - or an every day choice - but there is nothing inherently bad about them!

Evie seemed very interested in the world at large though (as usual!!) and so not a lot was eaten.


Mel x