Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hi All

Sorry i didn't manage to get on here yesterday, I was so shattered that i went to bed just after the kids, Laurie slept better last night but still woke at midnight, it didn't take too long to get him back down so my eyes were still nice and sleepy when i went back to bed.

For breakfast we were in a rush so Laurie had weetabix and had to eat some crumpet in the car (we were running really late!!) on the way to take Amelie to school. He is good with the aim of the spoon for weetabix, i still need to load the spoon but it gets to the mouth alright (if we don't count the waving it around first) Unfortunately with the crumpet, if he decided to lob it on the floor then that's where it stayed 1) I'm driving so obviously can't reach it and 2) only god knows what filth lay on the bottom of the foot wells in my car.

I've realised I've not been writing about what i give him for snacks, well normally a snack would be one of these:
  • Some fruit
  • Organix ginger bread man
  • Slice of Soreen banana loaf or malt bread (or if I've made some home made banana bread, Not likely)
  • Some cheese and a biscuit
  • Rice cakes with some topping
That's about it really, does any ones else have any good snack ideas, especially for out and about??

On Tuesdays after school Amelie has Gymnastics, we usually take our lunch with us and eat it in their coffee shop while she's inside doing roly poly's. For lunch Laurie had Hummus sandwich, cheese, strawberries, watermelon and a fromage frais, he managed it all well, ate around half the sandwich, "melted" the cheese in his cheek again and pre-chewed the watermelon and strawberries, spat them out and then went on the chew them again and eventually swallow some.

After gym we had a play date with a friend from Amelie's pre-school, so we had dinner as well. Laurie had eggy bread and spaghetti hoops, he enjoyed the spaghetti hoops up until he wiped his eye with the sauce all over his hand, this resulted in a screaming fit, half because of the sauce which imagine must of been very unpleasant and half because i was trying to clean him up which he absolutely detests, no matter how i clean him after food, he hates it. I've tried a warm flannel, i dry muslin or flannel, wet wipes, sometimes after dinner i just wipe his clothes off and dunk him in the bath.

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Mel_x said...

I used to give dried fruit as a snack, but they can't be "drip" fed - but given all in one go as they can lead to bad teeth decay - which is scary!!

I used to have wonderful german spelt 'biscuits' - sugar free, sweetened with banana. I looked like a terrible mum - but they were really good. I need to find a UK alternative now M&D are back in the country!!


Mel x