Thursday, 20 October 2011

A week of teething snotty hell!!

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've been MIA this week, poor Laurie has not been well at all, he has caught a horrible cold, cough and is still teething. This has obviously equalled a hellish week of no sleeping, luminous snot, coughing fits in the night, separation anxiety, not eating and general grumpiness, i feel so sorry for the little dude. We've been to the doctor and i BEGGED for Medised (gods gift to medicine), Amelie used to have this when she was snotty as a baby and it was brilliant, it's the only thing that would clear her nose enough at night for her to sleep and i think it also has a mild sedative - bonus!! Problem is they upped the age to 6 so we can only get it on prescription now, i reckon some people were using it to get their kids to sleep at night.

So my little Koala Bear's eating hasn't been going well this week but he seems happy to eat from pre-loaded spoons, this obviously got me thinking of what i can cook which will be lovely and nutritious and i can load on a spoon for him. I trawled through the cook books and i found a few good dinners, this is what we have tried:
  • Baked chicken risotto
  • Cottage pie (this is from the Innocent cook book, you know the ones who do the smoothies, it's chock full of veg, parsnip, potato, sweet potato, carrot, celery, onion)
  • Mild Chili with polenta cobbler
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
We had lots of leftovers from the risotto and cottage pie so he's been polishing off these for dinner through the week as well.  Breakfast and Dinner have been the best meals, lunch has been difficult as he really isn't interested in picking the food up himself at the moment, he's getting hungry at lunch but just cries when he's in the highchair, i think I'll just start feeding him dinners at lunch as well while he isn't well, I'll offer finger food in case he decides he wants to give it a go, I'm worried he will stop wanting finger foods and just want spoons of food if this carries on much longer but i really don't want him going hungry.

Will try and get on again tomorrow, I'll also try and add to the recipe bit too.


Mel_x said...

you can get medised on prescription for under 6's!!!????????? This is marvelous news!!

I miss medised! Evelyn has also been full of a cold & horribly snotty and we have been muddling on with calpol & baby olbas oil!

The meals you've tried sound delicious! Get well soon Laurie - mummy needs to share with us!


Mel x

SHRH said...

How old are your children? I tried looking through, but there are a lot of posts. Thanks

lyns123 said...


Amelie is 3 1/2 and Laurie is just over 10 months xx