Thursday, 20 October 2011

Update on my little Mouse & our new BLW experiences

So....Evelyn is now 14 weeks - how did that happen!!??

So we are hurtling towards the 'magic' 26 week mark at a rate I am starting to find a little alarming...what happened to my tiny baby??

But, more importantly, when are we going to start to offer food? Those who have either followed the blog from the start, or have read back to me starting with George know we started to offer food at 24 weeks - and he ate instantly! Obviously, the biggest thing to look out for is a baby who can sit unaided....but we are already on course for an early sitter....she sat alone (for a short time granted!) at 10 weeks!! Then there is the gut immaturity - early introduction of food can lead to allergies.

I have counted forward and my little mouse is 24 weeks three days after Christmas day - which falls on a sunday this year. As such, I have decided that she will be joining us at the dinner table in a more involved format!! Whilst she won't have the full Christmas dinner George enjoyed at his first Christmas....a few roasted carrots might find their way onto her plate!

and this space!!


Mel x

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