Saturday, 8 October 2011

Two partys and lots of sandwiches

Today we had two birthday party's to attend, one at lunch time and one quite conveniently at dinner time, this obviously equals lots of yummy party food and sandwiches and means i don't need to use my brain to think of what I'm going to whip up for lunch and dinner.

For breakfast Laurie had scrambled egg and toast fingers, egg went down well but the toast was pretty much ignored, he also had a prune or two which were completely eaten.

Lunch was yummy party food, there was a buffet of sandwiches, carrot, cucumber, breadsticks, dips etc, i made Laurie up a lunch of egg sandwich, a breadstick, cucumber, i managed to rustle up some fruit so it was not a bad lunch. He ate well, the egg and cress sandwich was eaten but the bigger chunks of egg were spat out.

Dinner was pretty much the same but with a different sandwich filling and a few cheeky chicken nuggets, which unsurprisingly, he gobbled up with no spitting. And as a special treat i even gave him some birthday cake, it probably wasn't the most nutritious of days but whats one day of stodgy party food going to do, not much me thinks.

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Mel_x said...

this is why I love BLW - so easy to do ANYWHERE!!


Mel x