Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Another post, but about today's food, will be a quick one though as it's late and I'm so tired.

Breakfast was mini weetabix, these are soaked in some milk to soften and then placed in front of him to pick up and eat, he also had some pear and prunes. I mentioned in a previous post that next time i gave Laurie pear i would peel it as he always spits the skin out but i left it on for grip. Well, i peeled it this time and it obviously caught him by surprise as it did slip out of his hands a few times when he slobbered all over it but by golly he got so determined to pick it up his little tongue was poking out in concentration, he got it though and he demolished it...yay!

After pre-school i picked Amelie up and we headed to soft play, we had lunch there so it was sandwiches...........again! I could of taken my own lunch but i feel one of the joys of BLW is being able to grab while out, unfortunately unless you want to feed them deep fried something or other your pretty much stuck with sandwiches at soft play.

Dinner was Chicken and Apple stew, nice big chunks of chicken and apple with leeks and carrots, chicken stock and tarragon, Laurie loved the apple and it was lovely and soft, i used eating apples so they stayed together nicely. We had this with mash that i loaded on to spoons for him, he had a fromage frais for pudding which was also served on pre-load spoons.

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Mel_x said...

I am adding you NOW to the recipe thread - we need recipes woman!!!

I needed you to post this when I had the huge glut of apples a week or two ago! The last ones are in the freezer though, so I can always give it a go!


Mel x