Friday, 7 October 2011

Sleep still rubbish but eating getting better

Well Laurie's all nighter seems to of been a fluke, he was back to hourly whinging last night and a 4.30am wake up, oh how i miss my sleeping baby, he used to be so good at going 7pm-6.30am, i now realise how lucky we are/were (please be are!) when it came to getting a good nights sleep. On top of this we are trying to get Amelie to sleep without a night nappy, she woke at 4am and climbed into bed with us, i snuck my hand over to have a feel of her bottom and sure enough it was very wet, so in fact i was already awake at 4am changing Amelie's knicky knacky noo noo's (her name for her knickers).

So Laurie woke up at 4.30am, he didn't seem hungry and was content playing (i was zombified on the sofa, waving at him every now and then) so i tried to keep to our rough routine and waited to feed him his morning milk closer to his usual time. We got to 7am, which is fine, he drank about 5oz, he had breakfast, today we had buttered crumpet spread with fruit puree, weetabix and some raisins. He ate most of the crumpet, again he has improved with this massively, he used to just suck it but now he rips chunks off and gives it a good chomp....................and then spits out the bit he can't be bothered to chew anymore. Weetabix on loaded spoons is always a messy affair, he likes to wave it around a bit first before putting it in his mouth, i have to make the weetabix thick enough so it cements itself to the spoon and doesn't fling around my kitchen. Raisins are more for him to practice his pincer grip, he used to use his whole hand to grab them but now he is starting to use his pincer fingers (i know ones the thumb, whats the other - pointy finger?) Anyway, he pops them in his mouth but they normally get spat back out, the occasional one goes in but obviously not intentionally going by the shocked look on his face when he swallows one.

Lunch was some fruit loaf from Starbucks and some ham and cheese croissant, had to dash out after Amelie finished pre-school and we had to grab something while we were out. He gobbled the fruit bread up, he shared it with Amelie (she kept stealing it) and managed really well with the croissant and cheese, he couldn't do the ham and i think it's quiet salty anyway.

Dinner was chopped spaghetti with a tomato pasta sauce (homemade) and homemade meatballs, he grabbed fistfuls of spaghetti, he actually ate alot of it, i guess he had around a ladle full and about half went. Meatballs were quartered for him and he sucked one or two, i think he swallowed about half in the end (they were big a meataballs) All in all it was a good eating day.

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