Monday, 10 October 2011

Sweet and sour chicken

Hi All

Well, sleep was OK last night, we had one wake up at around 2.30am but he went back to sleep after a few minutes of stroking his back, still no teeth but lots extra dribble today and lots of yummy snot bubbles.

Breakfast was baby muesli with berries, I also gave him a slice of malt loaf which he really enjoyed and it gets surprisingly messy!! I watched him closely and I’ve figured out how he manages to eat some foods, he was keeping the malt loaf in his cheek and salivating excessively which was sort of melting it for him and he was sucking the juice, when he was done he spat out the small compact piece. I gave him full fat cow's milk in his cereal, he finished his whole bottle this morning and I usually use leftovers for his cereal, he ate all the cereal as usual so I might start using cow's milk for cereal now.

Lunch was hummus in half a pitta bread, tomato, a prune, cheese and a fromage frais, he "melted" the cheese in his cheek, the prune was expertly eaten and I gave Laurie pre-loaded spoons of fromage frais, this is always messy but aim is improving - if only he would stop waving it around before he goes for his mouth! He wasn't interested in the tomato today, he just pushed it away.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles and sweetcorn, I served it to Laurie with the sweetcorn in a pile, the noodles chopped into smaller pieces and the chicken cut up into small chunks. His pincer grip was great with the sweetcorn and he ate them really well, I guess I’ll see how much went in with the morning nappy haha. 
Laurie enjoys spaghetti so I knew he would be alright with the noodles, he wasn't chewing much so I think a lot was going down whole!! The chicken wasn't touched much, he seemed to prefer the sweetcorn and noodles, they did have some of the sweet and sour sauce on so he did get to taste that, but he really didn't seem too fussed with the chicken, I guess it's just a one off as he is usually good with it.

How is BLW going for all of you, has your babies got any favorites yet? It would be lovely to hear back from you :)

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Mel_x said...

George loved malt loaf- still does tbh...a great after school snack.

I used to 'butter' it will philadelpia for an alternative to butter....and it goes well with grapes on top too


Mel x