Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bubble and squeak

Evening all

Well, another nightmare night, Mr Laurence decided he was ready to be awake and wanting to play at 1.30am, nothing i did was making him sleepy, he just stared wide eyed at me throughout all my attempts at lulling him to sleep, so i gave up and decided to go downstairs and watch a movie while he played on the rug. By 3am he was ready to sleep again and stayed down until 7am, he hasn't napped too well today so i hope he will be so exhausted that he will sleep through all night (please, please, please).

Breakfast was crumpet with fruit puree spread on top and i thought I'd try him with cheerios, i soaked them in milk and then put a few spoonfuls on his tray for him to pick up. At first he was grabbing handfuls and shoving them in and as they were running low he was really concentrating on picking up individual ones, he's really good at getting food from the palm of his hand now, so he actually ate most of the cheerios, we had a few rouge ones but not many.

Lunch was Bubble and squeak with a (well) poached egg and baked beans, because Laurie hasn't been eating too well i had a stock of cooked veg in the fridge which i didn't really want to waste but they needed using up. I had been speaking to the other half about how we used to have bubble and squeak every Sunday night because my dad made it to use up the left over veg from a Sunday roast, i thought it was a perfect idea. So i made up some mash, used carrots, broccoli and parsnip and made up some little patties, i froze a few and shallow fried two until golden on both sides. They were yummy and Laurie ate them really well, they did break up but i could easily mould them back into little balls because of the mash potato, i chopped up the poached egg and snuck a few bits into the little balls i was making from the falling apart bits. I'm actually really pleased with how this went, i think it might actually become a regular Sunday meal, perfect for those leftover vegetables.

Dinner I'm ashamed to say was not very imaginative, in fact, it was just plain lazy but in my defence I'm absolutely SHATTERED and it's Sunday so the cupboards are bare (Monday is shopping day)!! Having so much interrupted sleep is leaving me so tired and it's near impossible to get any rest, when Laurie does nap I've still got my other little munchkin to look after. So dinner was Watermelon, strawberries and ..................weetabix!!

Please send sleeping vibes my way for tonight, also, if you have any questions, comments or just want to say Hi, please do, it would be nice to know someone is out there :)


The Princess Poet said...

hope he sleeps tonight! my son had his first new potato! he gagged and vomited a little but i believe thats normal for his stage in the game!

lyns123 said...

How old is your son? When Laurie started there was lots of gagging, spitting and coughing things back up but luckily he has never choked.

Thanks for commenting too :)

It gets really fun and satisfying when you start seeing the food getting properly chewed and eaten rather then played with and spat out.