Thursday, 6 October 2011

Arghhhhh.....i hate teething!!!

Hi All

Sorry for the lack of posts but it's been a bit hectic since coming home from Cyprus, we had a wedding party on Saturday night to celebrate again with all our friends and family who weren't able to make it out for the ceremony. Plus i officially unpacked the last suitcase on Monday night, a whole week and two days after arriving home, that's how busy I've been.

So with all the party planning i also had a very upset and clingy baby Laurie, he wasn't really eating, food or milk, poor soul was so uncomfortable. He has perfected a very high pitched scream, sort of reminds me of those kettles on a hob which whistle when the waters boiling! So for the last week Laurie has been eating his favorite foods on a loop, so prunes, watermelon, pear, cheese, tortellini pasta and mini weetabix, he refused anything else and only ate very little of these so tried topping up with milk after each meal, he would have an oz or two but would refuse the rest. So this also led to Laurie waking in the night, hungry and in pain, i felt like we were back to newborn stage, i fed him when he woke and also dosed him with nurofen or calpol, he would snuggle me and still be slightly sobbing while he tried to get back to sleep and if a dared put him down it would start all over again.

We had a week of this, most nights I'm sure i wasn't getting any more then 5 hours sleep, Laurie wasn't sleeping much either obviously but he was getting to have two naps per day which i was growing increasingly jealous of. He is starting to eat more the last two days, and seems to be chomping on food a lot better and swallowing a lot more, perhaps his gums are nice and strong because the teeth are STILL NOT THROUGH!!! How can we have had a week of this and still have NO TEETH!!! I hope that when the teeth do come through it's his top and bottom at the same time because this is ridiculous. Sleep has also improved, he went down last night at 7pm, stirred at 11pm but didn't really wake and then i had to wake him at 8.30am because i needed to get him ready so we could take Amelie to pre-school (i did have a peek in at 6.30am and again at 7.30am to make sure he was still breathing).

Today's food dairy is: 

Breakfast - Laurie ate mini weetabix soaked in some milk so they are a bit soft but still firm enough to pick up and not fall apart, he ate around 6 of these, he also had a soft prune and some watermelon. The prune went down really well, i found some good ones in the whole food section at tesco which are stone free and so soft that Laurie can eat the skin as well.
Lunch - Laurie had Philadelphia sandwich, strawberry's, pear and some cucumber sticks. He ate two squares of the sandwich, this i am still amazed by, he perfected eating sandwiches on holiday but i still find it amazing when he actually eats and swallows the sandwich (i still search the bib and under his thighs in case i missed it falling out) I think the strawberry's were too tart as he normally eats these with gusto but he was pulling lemon faces and lobbing them across the table, the pear was quartered and then halved again, he eats these really well and manages to spit out the skin, i leave the skin on to help him grip but lately his grip has improved so i might peel it next time to see how he does. He chomped on the cucumber sticks, i think this was more for teething reasons then hunger.

Dinner - The was Spanish chicken with roasted courgette, tomato and yellow pepper, he ate the courgette flesh and tomato, these went down very quickly and easily, the yellow pepper wasn't a hit but he did give it a go a few times, perhaps the courgette and tomato was so easy to eat he couldn't be bothered chewing the yellow pepper, he also mushed the chicken up, spat half out but did swallow some too.

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