Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Alternative Weaning Group!

So, you know how every year Channel 4 screen the alternative to the queen's speech - I remember Sharon Osborne doing one, and Marge Simpson another?

Well, this year in a Sharon / Marge style I have offered a few local mum's the 'alternative weaning talk'! UK mum's will know that at 4 months old we are invited by the health visiting team to come spend an hour being taught the "food introduction timetable" and how to puree a carrot!! (mine with G showed us how to mash a banana with a fork - I kid you not!!).

Well, in attendance at one group was my friend Charlie - whose ear I had already began to bend about the joys of BLW!! Well, when a couple of mum's asked about BLW, both she & the nurse running the session said "speak to Mel" they did!!

In the end a group of us met at Charlie's to discuss BLW & for me to talk through the basics etc!! I have told them all about the hi Hanna, Lizzie, Jess, Helen & Charlie if you're reading this!! I can't wait until they all get started properly...but we have had a few starts made with sweet potato & roasted apples!! Hurray!!

In fact, we had so much fun we are making our meets a regular thing....and hopefully they will soon all be spreading the word about BLW


Mel x

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