Thursday, 20 October 2011

A week of teething snotty hell!!

Hi Everyone

Sorry I've been MIA this week, poor Laurie has not been well at all, he has caught a horrible cold, cough and is still teething. This has obviously equalled a hellish week of no sleeping, luminous snot, coughing fits in the night, separation anxiety, not eating and general grumpiness, i feel so sorry for the little dude. We've been to the doctor and i BEGGED for Medised (gods gift to medicine), Amelie used to have this when she was snotty as a baby and it was brilliant, it's the only thing that would clear her nose enough at night for her to sleep and i think it also has a mild sedative - bonus!! Problem is they upped the age to 6 so we can only get it on prescription now, i reckon some people were using it to get their kids to sleep at night.

So my little Koala Bear's eating hasn't been going well this week but he seems happy to eat from pre-loaded spoons, this obviously got me thinking of what i can cook which will be lovely and nutritious and i can load on a spoon for him. I trawled through the cook books and i found a few good dinners, this is what we have tried:
  • Baked chicken risotto
  • Cottage pie (this is from the Innocent cook book, you know the ones who do the smoothies, it's chock full of veg, parsnip, potato, sweet potato, carrot, celery, onion)
  • Mild Chili with polenta cobbler
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
We had lots of leftovers from the risotto and cottage pie so he's been polishing off these for dinner through the week as well.  Breakfast and Dinner have been the best meals, lunch has been difficult as he really isn't interested in picking the food up himself at the moment, he's getting hungry at lunch but just cries when he's in the highchair, i think I'll just start feeding him dinners at lunch as well while he isn't well, I'll offer finger food in case he decides he wants to give it a go, I'm worried he will stop wanting finger foods and just want spoons of food if this carries on much longer but i really don't want him going hungry.

Will try and get on again tomorrow, I'll also try and add to the recipe bit too.

Update on my little Mouse & our new BLW experiences

So....Evelyn is now 14 weeks - how did that happen!!??

So we are hurtling towards the 'magic' 26 week mark at a rate I am starting to find a little alarming...what happened to my tiny baby??

But, more importantly, when are we going to start to offer food? Those who have either followed the blog from the start, or have read back to me starting with George know we started to offer food at 24 weeks - and he ate instantly! Obviously, the biggest thing to look out for is a baby who can sit unaided....but we are already on course for an early sitter....she sat alone (for a short time granted!) at 10 weeks!! Then there is the gut immaturity - early introduction of food can lead to allergies.

I have counted forward and my little mouse is 24 weeks three days after Christmas day - which falls on a sunday this year. As such, I have decided that she will be joining us at the dinner table in a more involved format!! Whilst she won't have the full Christmas dinner George enjoyed at his first Christmas....a few roasted carrots might find their way onto her plate!

and this space!!


Mel x

The Alternative Weaning Group!

So, you know how every year Channel 4 screen the alternative to the queen's speech - I remember Sharon Osborne doing one, and Marge Simpson another?

Well, this year in a Sharon / Marge style I have offered a few local mum's the 'alternative weaning talk'! UK mum's will know that at 4 months old we are invited by the health visiting team to come spend an hour being taught the "food introduction timetable" and how to puree a carrot!! (mine with G showed us how to mash a banana with a fork - I kid you not!!).

Well, in attendance at one group was my friend Charlie - whose ear I had already began to bend about the joys of BLW!! Well, when a couple of mum's asked about BLW, both she & the nurse running the session said "speak to Mel" they did!!

In the end a group of us met at Charlie's to discuss BLW & for me to talk through the basics etc!! I have told them all about the hi Hanna, Lizzie, Jess, Helen & Charlie if you're reading this!! I can't wait until they all get started properly...but we have had a few starts made with sweet potato & roasted apples!! Hurray!!

In fact, we had so much fun we are making our meets a regular thing....and hopefully they will soon all be spreading the word about BLW


Mel x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Another post, but about today's food, will be a quick one though as it's late and I'm so tired.

Breakfast was mini weetabix, these are soaked in some milk to soften and then placed in front of him to pick up and eat, he also had some pear and prunes. I mentioned in a previous post that next time i gave Laurie pear i would peel it as he always spits the skin out but i left it on for grip. Well, i peeled it this time and it obviously caught him by surprise as it did slip out of his hands a few times when he slobbered all over it but by golly he got so determined to pick it up his little tongue was poking out in concentration, he got it though and he demolished it...yay!

After pre-school i picked Amelie up and we headed to soft play, we had lunch there so it was sandwiches...........again! I could of taken my own lunch but i feel one of the joys of BLW is being able to grab while out, unfortunately unless you want to feed them deep fried something or other your pretty much stuck with sandwiches at soft play.

Dinner was Chicken and Apple stew, nice big chunks of chicken and apple with leeks and carrots, chicken stock and tarragon, Laurie loved the apple and it was lovely and soft, i used eating apples so they stayed together nicely. We had this with mash that i loaded on to spoons for him, he had a fromage frais for pudding which was also served on pre-load spoons.


Hi All

Sorry i didn't manage to get on here yesterday, I was so shattered that i went to bed just after the kids, Laurie slept better last night but still woke at midnight, it didn't take too long to get him back down so my eyes were still nice and sleepy when i went back to bed.

For breakfast we were in a rush so Laurie had weetabix and had to eat some crumpet in the car (we were running really late!!) on the way to take Amelie to school. He is good with the aim of the spoon for weetabix, i still need to load the spoon but it gets to the mouth alright (if we don't count the waving it around first) Unfortunately with the crumpet, if he decided to lob it on the floor then that's where it stayed 1) I'm driving so obviously can't reach it and 2) only god knows what filth lay on the bottom of the foot wells in my car.

I've realised I've not been writing about what i give him for snacks, well normally a snack would be one of these:
  • Some fruit
  • Organix ginger bread man
  • Slice of Soreen banana loaf or malt bread (or if I've made some home made banana bread, Not likely)
  • Some cheese and a biscuit
  • Rice cakes with some topping
That's about it really, does any ones else have any good snack ideas, especially for out and about??

On Tuesdays after school Amelie has Gymnastics, we usually take our lunch with us and eat it in their coffee shop while she's inside doing roly poly's. For lunch Laurie had Hummus sandwich, cheese, strawberries, watermelon and a fromage frais, he managed it all well, ate around half the sandwich, "melted" the cheese in his cheek again and pre-chewed the watermelon and strawberries, spat them out and then went on the chew them again and eventually swallow some.

After gym we had a play date with a friend from Amelie's pre-school, so we had dinner as well. Laurie had eggy bread and spaghetti hoops, he enjoyed the spaghetti hoops up until he wiped his eye with the sauce all over his hand, this resulted in a screaming fit, half because of the sauce which imagine must of been very unpleasant and half because i was trying to clean him up which he absolutely detests, no matter how i clean him after food, he hates it. I've tried a warm flannel, i dry muslin or flannel, wet wipes, sometimes after dinner i just wipe his clothes off and dunk him in the bath.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Sweet and sour chicken

Hi All

Well, sleep was OK last night, we had one wake up at around 2.30am but he went back to sleep after a few minutes of stroking his back, still no teeth but lots extra dribble today and lots of yummy snot bubbles.

Breakfast was baby muesli with berries, I also gave him a slice of malt loaf which he really enjoyed and it gets surprisingly messy!! I watched him closely and I’ve figured out how he manages to eat some foods, he was keeping the malt loaf in his cheek and salivating excessively which was sort of melting it for him and he was sucking the juice, when he was done he spat out the small compact piece. I gave him full fat cow's milk in his cereal, he finished his whole bottle this morning and I usually use leftovers for his cereal, he ate all the cereal as usual so I might start using cow's milk for cereal now.

Lunch was hummus in half a pitta bread, tomato, a prune, cheese and a fromage frais, he "melted" the cheese in his cheek, the prune was expertly eaten and I gave Laurie pre-loaded spoons of fromage frais, this is always messy but aim is improving - if only he would stop waving it around before he goes for his mouth! He wasn't interested in the tomato today, he just pushed it away.

Dinner was sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles and sweetcorn, I served it to Laurie with the sweetcorn in a pile, the noodles chopped into smaller pieces and the chicken cut up into small chunks. His pincer grip was great with the sweetcorn and he ate them really well, I guess I’ll see how much went in with the morning nappy haha. 
Laurie enjoys spaghetti so I knew he would be alright with the noodles, he wasn't chewing much so I think a lot was going down whole!! The chicken wasn't touched much, he seemed to prefer the sweetcorn and noodles, they did have some of the sweet and sour sauce on so he did get to taste that, but he really didn't seem too fussed with the chicken, I guess it's just a one off as he is usually good with it.

How is BLW going for all of you, has your babies got any favorites yet? It would be lovely to hear back from you :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bubble and squeak

Evening all

Well, another nightmare night, Mr Laurence decided he was ready to be awake and wanting to play at 1.30am, nothing i did was making him sleepy, he just stared wide eyed at me throughout all my attempts at lulling him to sleep, so i gave up and decided to go downstairs and watch a movie while he played on the rug. By 3am he was ready to sleep again and stayed down until 7am, he hasn't napped too well today so i hope he will be so exhausted that he will sleep through all night (please, please, please).

Breakfast was crumpet with fruit puree spread on top and i thought I'd try him with cheerios, i soaked them in milk and then put a few spoonfuls on his tray for him to pick up. At first he was grabbing handfuls and shoving them in and as they were running low he was really concentrating on picking up individual ones, he's really good at getting food from the palm of his hand now, so he actually ate most of the cheerios, we had a few rouge ones but not many.

Lunch was Bubble and squeak with a (well) poached egg and baked beans, because Laurie hasn't been eating too well i had a stock of cooked veg in the fridge which i didn't really want to waste but they needed using up. I had been speaking to the other half about how we used to have bubble and squeak every Sunday night because my dad made it to use up the left over veg from a Sunday roast, i thought it was a perfect idea. So i made up some mash, used carrots, broccoli and parsnip and made up some little patties, i froze a few and shallow fried two until golden on both sides. They were yummy and Laurie ate them really well, they did break up but i could easily mould them back into little balls because of the mash potato, i chopped up the poached egg and snuck a few bits into the little balls i was making from the falling apart bits. I'm actually really pleased with how this went, i think it might actually become a regular Sunday meal, perfect for those leftover vegetables.

Dinner I'm ashamed to say was not very imaginative, in fact, it was just plain lazy but in my defence I'm absolutely SHATTERED and it's Sunday so the cupboards are bare (Monday is shopping day)!! Having so much interrupted sleep is leaving me so tired and it's near impossible to get any rest, when Laurie does nap I've still got my other little munchkin to look after. So dinner was Watermelon, strawberries and ..................weetabix!!

Please send sleeping vibes my way for tonight, also, if you have any questions, comments or just want to say Hi, please do, it would be nice to know someone is out there :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Two partys and lots of sandwiches

Today we had two birthday party's to attend, one at lunch time and one quite conveniently at dinner time, this obviously equals lots of yummy party food and sandwiches and means i don't need to use my brain to think of what I'm going to whip up for lunch and dinner.

For breakfast Laurie had scrambled egg and toast fingers, egg went down well but the toast was pretty much ignored, he also had a prune or two which were completely eaten.

Lunch was yummy party food, there was a buffet of sandwiches, carrot, cucumber, breadsticks, dips etc, i made Laurie up a lunch of egg sandwich, a breadstick, cucumber, i managed to rustle up some fruit so it was not a bad lunch. He ate well, the egg and cress sandwich was eaten but the bigger chunks of egg were spat out.

Dinner was pretty much the same but with a different sandwich filling and a few cheeky chicken nuggets, which unsurprisingly, he gobbled up with no spitting. And as a special treat i even gave him some birthday cake, it probably wasn't the most nutritious of days but whats one day of stodgy party food going to do, not much me thinks.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sleep still rubbish but eating getting better

Well Laurie's all nighter seems to of been a fluke, he was back to hourly whinging last night and a 4.30am wake up, oh how i miss my sleeping baby, he used to be so good at going 7pm-6.30am, i now realise how lucky we are/were (please be are!) when it came to getting a good nights sleep. On top of this we are trying to get Amelie to sleep without a night nappy, she woke at 4am and climbed into bed with us, i snuck my hand over to have a feel of her bottom and sure enough it was very wet, so in fact i was already awake at 4am changing Amelie's knicky knacky noo noo's (her name for her knickers).

So Laurie woke up at 4.30am, he didn't seem hungry and was content playing (i was zombified on the sofa, waving at him every now and then) so i tried to keep to our rough routine and waited to feed him his morning milk closer to his usual time. We got to 7am, which is fine, he drank about 5oz, he had breakfast, today we had buttered crumpet spread with fruit puree, weetabix and some raisins. He ate most of the crumpet, again he has improved with this massively, he used to just suck it but now he rips chunks off and gives it a good chomp....................and then spits out the bit he can't be bothered to chew anymore. Weetabix on loaded spoons is always a messy affair, he likes to wave it around a bit first before putting it in his mouth, i have to make the weetabix thick enough so it cements itself to the spoon and doesn't fling around my kitchen. Raisins are more for him to practice his pincer grip, he used to use his whole hand to grab them but now he is starting to use his pincer fingers (i know ones the thumb, whats the other - pointy finger?) Anyway, he pops them in his mouth but they normally get spat back out, the occasional one goes in but obviously not intentionally going by the shocked look on his face when he swallows one.

Lunch was some fruit loaf from Starbucks and some ham and cheese croissant, had to dash out after Amelie finished pre-school and we had to grab something while we were out. He gobbled the fruit bread up, he shared it with Amelie (she kept stealing it) and managed really well with the croissant and cheese, he couldn't do the ham and i think it's quiet salty anyway.

Dinner was chopped spaghetti with a tomato pasta sauce (homemade) and homemade meatballs, he grabbed fistfuls of spaghetti, he actually ate alot of it, i guess he had around a ladle full and about half went. Meatballs were quartered for him and he sucked one or two, i think he swallowed about half in the end (they were big a meataballs) All in all it was a good eating day.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Arghhhhh.....i hate teething!!!

Hi All

Sorry for the lack of posts but it's been a bit hectic since coming home from Cyprus, we had a wedding party on Saturday night to celebrate again with all our friends and family who weren't able to make it out for the ceremony. Plus i officially unpacked the last suitcase on Monday night, a whole week and two days after arriving home, that's how busy I've been.

So with all the party planning i also had a very upset and clingy baby Laurie, he wasn't really eating, food or milk, poor soul was so uncomfortable. He has perfected a very high pitched scream, sort of reminds me of those kettles on a hob which whistle when the waters boiling! So for the last week Laurie has been eating his favorite foods on a loop, so prunes, watermelon, pear, cheese, tortellini pasta and mini weetabix, he refused anything else and only ate very little of these so tried topping up with milk after each meal, he would have an oz or two but would refuse the rest. So this also led to Laurie waking in the night, hungry and in pain, i felt like we were back to newborn stage, i fed him when he woke and also dosed him with nurofen or calpol, he would snuggle me and still be slightly sobbing while he tried to get back to sleep and if a dared put him down it would start all over again.

We had a week of this, most nights I'm sure i wasn't getting any more then 5 hours sleep, Laurie wasn't sleeping much either obviously but he was getting to have two naps per day which i was growing increasingly jealous of. He is starting to eat more the last two days, and seems to be chomping on food a lot better and swallowing a lot more, perhaps his gums are nice and strong because the teeth are STILL NOT THROUGH!!! How can we have had a week of this and still have NO TEETH!!! I hope that when the teeth do come through it's his top and bottom at the same time because this is ridiculous. Sleep has also improved, he went down last night at 7pm, stirred at 11pm but didn't really wake and then i had to wake him at 8.30am because i needed to get him ready so we could take Amelie to pre-school (i did have a peek in at 6.30am and again at 7.30am to make sure he was still breathing).

Today's food dairy is: 

Breakfast - Laurie ate mini weetabix soaked in some milk so they are a bit soft but still firm enough to pick up and not fall apart, he ate around 6 of these, he also had a soft prune and some watermelon. The prune went down really well, i found some good ones in the whole food section at tesco which are stone free and so soft that Laurie can eat the skin as well.
Lunch - Laurie had Philadelphia sandwich, strawberry's, pear and some cucumber sticks. He ate two squares of the sandwich, this i am still amazed by, he perfected eating sandwiches on holiday but i still find it amazing when he actually eats and swallows the sandwich (i still search the bib and under his thighs in case i missed it falling out) I think the strawberry's were too tart as he normally eats these with gusto but he was pulling lemon faces and lobbing them across the table, the pear was quartered and then halved again, he eats these really well and manages to spit out the skin, i leave the skin on to help him grip but lately his grip has improved so i might peel it next time to see how he does. He chomped on the cucumber sticks, i think this was more for teething reasons then hunger.

Dinner - The was Spanish chicken with roasted courgette, tomato and yellow pepper, he ate the courgette flesh and tomato, these went down very quickly and easily, the yellow pepper wasn't a hit but he did give it a go a few times, perhaps the courgette and tomato was so easy to eat he couldn't be bothered chewing the yellow pepper, he also mushed the chicken up, spat half out but did swallow some too.