Monday, 12 September 2011

Restaurants are easy!

A has had a couple of new experiences in the last few days.

We tried applesauce (store bought) the other day. She was NOT a fan. She made the same grimace-y face and gave the same little shiver she does with her vitamins with iron. I've tasted the vitamins and had the same reaction, so I don't blame her on that front - they're horrible - but I was fascinated that she had that reaction with the applesauce. S (my husband) suggested that she might not like the consistency. What a thought, huh? Do you think it could be that she's just not interested in purees that are that smooth? The store bought applesauce has no chunks of any kind. Has anyone else's baby had a similar reaction?

We also had great success taking A out to lunch today. We ordered a pan-seared fish dish that came with string beans. A did amazingly well with some bread from the bread basket, a few of the string beans and even tried (and gobbled up!) some of the fish. My only concern was that the fish had a fairly salty/oily sauce on it. Think it was a big problem? We don't give her anything like that on a regular basis, so I figured it was an okay just-sometimes thing.

I'm planning a new kind of stewed chicken for tonight, flavored with curry. The Chicken Paprikash was such a hit that I thought we'd try a similar cooking style with a different flavor. Mel asked for the recipe for the Paprikash, so here goes:

chicken pieces, bone in, skin removed
one onion per 2-3 pieces of chicken, chopped
hungarian paprika
olive oil/butter

saute the onions in olive oil/butter (use as much as you normally would to saute onions for another dish, but you don't need much) in the bottom of a pot that's large enough to hold the amount of chicken you're using
add the chicken pieces to the pot and turn the ingredients together a few times
fill the pot with water to just cover the chicken
add 2 tablespoons of paprika per whole cut-up chicken (or to taste)
mix together
bring to a boil, then simmer for an hour, or until chicken is cooked through. the longer you let it go, the better it gets and the more easily the chicken will fall of the bone (making it easier for gums to chew)

note that i don't add any salt. feel free to add salt to taste.


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Mel_x said...

Well done A, the ability to eat out and enjoy a meal with your lo is one of the best things about BLW!! It was what won my parents over, as they sat with G eating real food and scoffing at parents not being able to eat as they were spoon feeding purees to their babies!!

I used to let restaurant food slip...and just mind the salt at home. G survived!

recipe sounds yummy


Mel x