Thursday, 1 September 2011

Other caregivers and Cheerios!

We figure A is getting old enough now that more and more of her calories could be coming from solids rather than breastmilk. That's not to say the majority, necessarily, but we're okay with her actually eating, rather than the experimenting she was doing in the beginning. In that vein, we've started asking the nanny to give her solids during the day, so she is offered something solid three times a day, rather than just two. We've noticed that the nanny is somewhat reticent and is having a bit of trouble adjusting to this style, though she's making a valiant effort.

Have others run into this trouble? Maybe with babysitters or even relatives who help care for your children?

New food of the day: Cheerios! We were amazed to see that A is developing a pincer grasp. It's really still a rake with her pointer finger, but two fingers, nonetheless. She's less good at releasing it, so still ends up putting her whole hand in her mouth, but it's amazing to watch her dexterity improve.

Market trip planned for tomorrow to get some more nectarines. We gave her a slice the other day with the skin still on and it seemed to help her get a better grip on it (as suggested in the book, right?). Any other fruits people have tried that way?

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Mel_x said...

I think my MIL thought I was crazy!! We had to let he watch G eat at ours before she believed us!! I think after me ebf till he was 6 months (I couldn't express) she was upset not to do more food wise!! Typical MIL. But I think she (largely) followed our wishes!!