Friday, 9 September 2011

How much is getting in?

Hello to Lyn! It's great to read about someone else's simultaneous experience. A does something similar to what you describe with watermelon. It seems almost like she's "juicing" the watermelon, letting the juice run out of her mouth and swallowing whatever's left. It's hilarious to watch, but not at all clear if anything's going in.

Baby A is getting better and better with her (almost) pincer grasp, so we've broken out the Cheerios. I offer her a few periodically throughout the day and she gobbles them up. We've also had some recent success with chicken paprikash (my grandmother's recipe) and steamed cauliflower.

I do have to confess one weakness on my part: I've started occasionally feeding her. It's still solids that she has to chew and it's only after she seems not interested anymore and I don't force anything in her mouth, but I do hold it near her mouth for her and give her the chance to open her mouth. Am I terrible? I feel guilty doing it every time, but I worry that she's not really eating anything. Will she start? Should I be more patient?

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Mel_x said...

tut tut, the gods of BLW will be watching!! Joke!!

Seriously though, the link between picking up food and being ready to eat is I wouldn't do this too much. However, if G was distracted then I would 'waft' food past him to get his attention back onto eating! I guess its much the same thing.

Milk is the main source of calories and nutrition till 1 though, so I wouldn't worry too'll see how much goes in from how much comes out!

And the chicken sounds delicious....can we have the recipe please?


Mel x