Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Another new contributer

Hi All
I'm Lynsey, a mother of two, Amelie who is 3 and Laurence who is 8 months, I’ve been reading through Mel's blog since making the decision to BLW Laurie and thought it would be great to document our experience, Mel has kindly allowed me to contribute to her great blog.
I heard about BLW when I had Amelie in 2008 but I was a bit too scared to do it, I wasn't sure where to find information, health visitors didn't have any more of a clue then I did and if I asked any mums at the local baby group I tended to get blank stares.
This time I'm a lot more confident, knowledgeable and completely trust my instincts so decided to go ahead with it, even though convincing others he won't choke is getting very tiresome and have taken to carrying around my BLW book so I can quote from it!

I guess it will also be interesting to see what type of eater Laurie will be as a toddler, Amelie is very fussy (she has a very beige diet) and I'm certain it's down to puree's and "hidden veg sauces", she never really learnt what certain fruit and veg looked like so when it began appearing on her plate she utterly refused to touch it. Funnily enough she's improved since Laurie has begun eating, I think watching him eat and the praise he gets is helping her. Laurie is getting better at actually eating his food, even though some days I’m sure he just chews it up and spits it out, he must be getting some in his tummy as his weight is increasing along his centile and he's dropped 2 milk feeds and is down to 3 a day, no night feeds either so sleeps all night.......result!! Laurie was breast-fed up until 6 months but we moved on to formula after this.
Anyway, Sorry for the long post, the rest will be shorter :) I look forward to sharing with you all, I hope you enjoy reading  :)

Laurie enjoying some broccoli

Amelie very pleased with nearly finishing her dinner

Down to business.

Breakfast was two prunes, a buttered crumpet cut into strips and a few mini weetabix soaked in formula left over from Laurie's morning milk, he sucked the life out of the crumpet and I think he managed to swallow a lot of it, the weetabix went down well also, the prunes were ignored and when I nudged them forward as encouragement to try them they were window wiped onto the floor. All in all only a small amount of breakfast was found squidged under his thighs when we were finished and a small amount on the floor (including the prunes).
Lunch was a hummus sandwich and watermelon, both were a big success, the watermelon was cut into chunks he could pick up. He puts it all in his mouth and chews then spits out the little chunks and then he picks up the little chunks for another chew, he actually does this with most food actually, note to self, tomorrow try giving him small chunks to see what he does.
Dinner was a family meal of Chicken pot pie, this is chicken thighs (no skin or bone), potato chunks, parsnip, carrot, leek in a sauce of dry thyme, stock (using low sodium stock cubes), wholegrain mustard, bay leaf, flour. Very yummy and all chunks of food are a great size for Laurie to pick up and eat, he favours the parsnip and chicken. He's getting much better at eating chicken, thighs seem to go down better then chicken breast, I find chicken breast dry and much prefer thighs, perhaps he feels the same.


Marysia said...

Great to know another BLWer! :-)

Mel_x said...

welcome sweetie!!

looking forward to following your journey

beautiful children!


Mel x