Friday, 9 September 2011

Red onion was a no no

Ah, I'm glad to hear Laurie isn't the only one that likes to pre-chew his food.

And to update on Amelie, she didn't eat her dinner, i gave her an ultimatum, dinner or bed.........and she chose to go to bed!!

Today was another manic day of packing and cleaning, we leave tomorrow morning at 6am so everything needs to be done tonight and i hate coming home from a trip to a messy house.

Anyway, for breakfast Laurie had eggy bread, he picked the pieces up and sucked them first before taking a chunk and giving it a chew. He swallows some of his food but it's like he always has to spit a little bit out, but break through today is he figured out he can pick bits out from his bib (it's a tommee tippee one which has a catcher), he has also managed to drink from a straw cup, in fact he drank so much water, more then he does from a sippy cup. Laurie also had some watermelon and the usual "juicing" occurred haha.

Lunch was the left over carrots and roasted red onion, i had to wave the red onion in front of him for him to reach out and grab it (is that cheating? Can't be, Mel admitted to doing it with George haha) otherwise he was just avoiding it, he gave it a suck and i got the usual lemon face he pulls when it's a new taste, he did go back to it but it eventually got swiped on the floor. We played the game of picking it up and putting it back in front of him but eventually he did just lob it on the floor and screamed at me, i took the hint then. Carrots got chomped and sucked, he managed to destroy all the sticks and it seems like most went into his tummy.

Dinner was cod pieces and new potatoes, i did put some peas in front of him but he found these difficult to get from his palm into his mouth. The cod fell to pieces as soon as he picked it up, he did better picking the small pieces of cod up because they mushed together in his hand and stuck to his fingers so he'd suck it off. I took the skin off the new potatoes and he ate one or two of these but again he just chomped at it until it was lots and lots of small pieces so it's hard to work out how much of it got eaten. I'm sure he had enough though as he didn't drink all his milk at bedtime but he happily went to sleep when i put him down, i assume that means dinner filled him up enough.

Well, i will try to post a few times while we are away, it will be interesting doing BLWing on holiday, if i can't post then I'll let you all know how it goes when we get back and will let you into any hints or tips that i think are handy to know.

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Mel_x said...

LMAO at it not being cheating if I did it!!


Mel x