Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We're back and a surprise

Hi all
Well we are all home and safe after a lovely two week holiday on the gorgeous island of Cyprus. We had such a great time, the weather was amazing, and the hotel was fab, all the family with us and...................................


We got MARRIED!! not me and Laurie obviously but the other half is paranoid about his info online and blah blah


The wedding went fabulously, it was such a special day and I’m so pleased we finally did it, only took seven and a half years and two children but we finally took the plunge.

Ok, so, Baby led weaning while on holiday was actually not as bad as I thought it would be, it's basically the same as eating at a restaurant every day. Our first challenge was the flight, we had to leave home at 5.30am, our flight was at 8.50am from terminal 5 at Heathrow, I was really unsure what we would be able to take through security so made up a small bag of dried fruit, rice cakes and an oat bar, we got it through and Laurie ate it at the airport. Because of all our wedding gear and my dress we flew with BA in club class (I’d like to stress this isn't our usual class when flying, if you can't go up a class when you’re getting married, then when can you hey?) we were able to take advantage of the free food and drink available in the BA lounge so Laurie also managed to have some weetabix and a yogurt. 

During the flight he snacked on food I stocked up on (stole) from the lounge area and the snacks I packed with me, the flight attendants happily gave us some extra fruit they had available so all in all not a bad lunch on board, Laurie even had a mini seat between me and a nice stranger.
The man next to us was a good sport, even when Laurie smeared food all over his shirt sleeve and moob.

We arrived at our hotel and it was fab, the bonus was that at our hotel we had breakfast included and it was a big buffet so we had so much choice for Laurie. Laurie's breakfast most days was:
  • Watermelon or nectarine
  • Croissant (tut tut) or toast
  • Scrambled egg or omelette 
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Grilled Tomatoes
He ate well, watermelon was the most favoured and egg was second, he gave the toast and croissant a good go but he still has no teeth so has to suck the life out of it all, bless him. Oh and yogurt was also a favorite.
Lunch was normally more fruit, a cheese sandwich, cucumber sticks, tomatoes, sometimes we bought something from the pool restaurant so he might of had an omelette, pasta dish or some of whatever me and the other half has for lunch. We ended up hijacking the mini bar fridge in our room for food and Laurie's milk so we could make our own sandwiches and keep some fruit.
Dinner was normally cooked veg or grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergine etc, chicken (again this is sucked until mush due to no teeth yet) or a mince pattie or meatball and cucumber, pitta bread, sometimes restaurants had a children’s menu so we'd order something from there but at most local tavern type places we had to pick bits and pieces off the menu, most restaurants were happy to make up something if we asked them for certain bits, they were all so helpful.
He is still chewing up and spitting food out, if i can catch it or it lands in his catcher bib then he will re-chew and swallow some food, i have no doubt he is getting enough as he's gaining weight, he has now dropped from 3 bottles a day to 2 and a half (after lunch he still drinks around 3ozs but i always offer 6ozs and 8ozs morning and night), i'm looking forward to seeing if the amount he eats and if the way he eats changes once he gets some gnashers and hoping there will be slightly less wastage invlolved.
 The flight home was during the night so we had some snacks and extra milk in case but he mainly slept so that was nice but not so much for my arms, they were pretty much dead by the time we landed from cradling him for nearly 5 hours!!
A bit off topic but i'm really proud of Amelie, during the holiday she ate some new foods, soup being one of them. She learnt how to hold her breath and swim under water with her goggles on and she swam with us in the big pool with armbands on, she was so well behaved, patient and really helpful especially with Laurie, my little baby girl is growing up into a really wonderful little big girl.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Restaurants are easy!

A has had a couple of new experiences in the last few days.

We tried applesauce (store bought) the other day. She was NOT a fan. She made the same grimace-y face and gave the same little shiver she does with her vitamins with iron. I've tasted the vitamins and had the same reaction, so I don't blame her on that front - they're horrible - but I was fascinated that she had that reaction with the applesauce. S (my husband) suggested that she might not like the consistency. What a thought, huh? Do you think it could be that she's just not interested in purees that are that smooth? The store bought applesauce has no chunks of any kind. Has anyone else's baby had a similar reaction?

We also had great success taking A out to lunch today. We ordered a pan-seared fish dish that came with string beans. A did amazingly well with some bread from the bread basket, a few of the string beans and even tried (and gobbled up!) some of the fish. My only concern was that the fish had a fairly salty/oily sauce on it. Think it was a big problem? We don't give her anything like that on a regular basis, so I figured it was an okay just-sometimes thing.

I'm planning a new kind of stewed chicken for tonight, flavored with curry. The Chicken Paprikash was such a hit that I thought we'd try a similar cooking style with a different flavor. Mel asked for the recipe for the Paprikash, so here goes:

chicken pieces, bone in, skin removed
one onion per 2-3 pieces of chicken, chopped
hungarian paprika
olive oil/butter

saute the onions in olive oil/butter (use as much as you normally would to saute onions for another dish, but you don't need much) in the bottom of a pot that's large enough to hold the amount of chicken you're using
add the chicken pieces to the pot and turn the ingredients together a few times
fill the pot with water to just cover the chicken
add 2 tablespoons of paprika per whole cut-up chicken (or to taste)
mix together
bring to a boil, then simmer for an hour, or until chicken is cooked through. the longer you let it go, the better it gets and the more easily the chicken will fall of the bone (making it easier for gums to chew)

note that i don't add any salt. feel free to add salt to taste.


Friday, 9 September 2011

Red onion was a no no

Ah, I'm glad to hear Laurie isn't the only one that likes to pre-chew his food.

And to update on Amelie, she didn't eat her dinner, i gave her an ultimatum, dinner or bed.........and she chose to go to bed!!

Today was another manic day of packing and cleaning, we leave tomorrow morning at 6am so everything needs to be done tonight and i hate coming home from a trip to a messy house.

Anyway, for breakfast Laurie had eggy bread, he picked the pieces up and sucked them first before taking a chunk and giving it a chew. He swallows some of his food but it's like he always has to spit a little bit out, but break through today is he figured out he can pick bits out from his bib (it's a tommee tippee one which has a catcher), he has also managed to drink from a straw cup, in fact he drank so much water, more then he does from a sippy cup. Laurie also had some watermelon and the usual "juicing" occurred haha.

Lunch was the left over carrots and roasted red onion, i had to wave the red onion in front of him for him to reach out and grab it (is that cheating? Can't be, Mel admitted to doing it with George haha) otherwise he was just avoiding it, he gave it a suck and i got the usual lemon face he pulls when it's a new taste, he did go back to it but it eventually got swiped on the floor. We played the game of picking it up and putting it back in front of him but eventually he did just lob it on the floor and screamed at me, i took the hint then. Carrots got chomped and sucked, he managed to destroy all the sticks and it seems like most went into his tummy.

Dinner was cod pieces and new potatoes, i did put some peas in front of him but he found these difficult to get from his palm into his mouth. The cod fell to pieces as soon as he picked it up, he did better picking the small pieces of cod up because they mushed together in his hand and stuck to his fingers so he'd suck it off. I took the skin off the new potatoes and he ate one or two of these but again he just chomped at it until it was lots and lots of small pieces so it's hard to work out how much of it got eaten. I'm sure he had enough though as he didn't drink all his milk at bedtime but he happily went to sleep when i put him down, i assume that means dinner filled him up enough.

Well, i will try to post a few times while we are away, it will be interesting doing BLWing on holiday, if i can't post then I'll let you all know how it goes when we get back and will let you into any hints or tips that i think are handy to know.

How much is getting in?

Hello to Lyn! It's great to read about someone else's simultaneous experience. A does something similar to what you describe with watermelon. It seems almost like she's "juicing" the watermelon, letting the juice run out of her mouth and swallowing whatever's left. It's hilarious to watch, but not at all clear if anything's going in.

Baby A is getting better and better with her (almost) pincer grasp, so we've broken out the Cheerios. I offer her a few periodically throughout the day and she gobbles them up. We've also had some recent success with chicken paprikash (my grandmother's recipe) and steamed cauliflower.

I do have to confess one weakness on my part: I've started occasionally feeding her. It's still solids that she has to chew and it's only after she seems not interested anymore and I don't force anything in her mouth, but I do hold it near her mouth for her and give her the chance to open her mouth. Am I terrible? I feel guilty doing it every time, but I worry that she's not really eating anything. Will she start? Should I be more patient?

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hi Readers,

Well today has been manic, we are going on holiday to Cyprus on Saturday and packing is a nightmare. I know I'm taking too much but i feel like i need it all, if i could pack up my house and ship it over with us i would!!

For breakfast Laurie had mini weetabix again but i spread some mashed banana on each one before tipping the milk over this time, he couldn't shovel it in fast enough. He also had some of my toast, he's getting better with toast, before he would just suck the butter off and chuck it on the floor but now he rips chunks off chews it up and then spits it on the floor, to me this is progress!!

Lunch was a meatloaf i made before and froze in slices, it's made from an Annabel Karmel recipe, lean mince, grated carrot, grated apple, onion, dried thyme and home made BBQ sauce to moisten it up, this was served with broccoli. I decided to try out yesterdays idea and i cut it into smaller pieces for him, he still spat bits back out but i think more was eaten, the broccoli was demolished, he loves broccoli but it's a bugger to clean up sometimes, he makes such a mess with it it's impossible to see how much he's eaten until the dreaded nappy.

For dinner i roasted a chicken, carrots, red onion and some spuds. He gave the chicken a good chew, most bits that came out were definitely more mushed, he sucked the potato and left behind the crispy skin, he didn't touch the roasted red onion so I've saved that and the carrot for tomorrow, after dinner i gave him preloaded spoons of fromage frais.

So far Amelie has refused to eat her dinner, I'm waiting for Daddy to come home so he can encourage her to eat with him, hopefully she will be hungrier by then so might attempt it. Probably not.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Another new contributer

Hi All
I'm Lynsey, a mother of two, Amelie who is 3 and Laurence who is 8 months, I’ve been reading through Mel's blog since making the decision to BLW Laurie and thought it would be great to document our experience, Mel has kindly allowed me to contribute to her great blog.
I heard about BLW when I had Amelie in 2008 but I was a bit too scared to do it, I wasn't sure where to find information, health visitors didn't have any more of a clue then I did and if I asked any mums at the local baby group I tended to get blank stares.
This time I'm a lot more confident, knowledgeable and completely trust my instincts so decided to go ahead with it, even though convincing others he won't choke is getting very tiresome and have taken to carrying around my BLW book so I can quote from it!

I guess it will also be interesting to see what type of eater Laurie will be as a toddler, Amelie is very fussy (she has a very beige diet) and I'm certain it's down to puree's and "hidden veg sauces", she never really learnt what certain fruit and veg looked like so when it began appearing on her plate she utterly refused to touch it. Funnily enough she's improved since Laurie has begun eating, I think watching him eat and the praise he gets is helping her. Laurie is getting better at actually eating his food, even though some days I’m sure he just chews it up and spits it out, he must be getting some in his tummy as his weight is increasing along his centile and he's dropped 2 milk feeds and is down to 3 a day, no night feeds either so sleeps all night.......result!! Laurie was breast-fed up until 6 months but we moved on to formula after this.
Anyway, Sorry for the long post, the rest will be shorter :) I look forward to sharing with you all, I hope you enjoy reading  :)

Laurie enjoying some broccoli

Amelie very pleased with nearly finishing her dinner

Down to business.

Breakfast was two prunes, a buttered crumpet cut into strips and a few mini weetabix soaked in formula left over from Laurie's morning milk, he sucked the life out of the crumpet and I think he managed to swallow a lot of it, the weetabix went down well also, the prunes were ignored and when I nudged them forward as encouragement to try them they were window wiped onto the floor. All in all only a small amount of breakfast was found squidged under his thighs when we were finished and a small amount on the floor (including the prunes).
Lunch was a hummus sandwich and watermelon, both were a big success, the watermelon was cut into chunks he could pick up. He puts it all in his mouth and chews then spits out the little chunks and then he picks up the little chunks for another chew, he actually does this with most food actually, note to self, tomorrow try giving him small chunks to see what he does.
Dinner was a family meal of Chicken pot pie, this is chicken thighs (no skin or bone), potato chunks, parsnip, carrot, leek in a sauce of dry thyme, stock (using low sodium stock cubes), wholegrain mustard, bay leaf, flour. Very yummy and all chunks of food are a great size for Laurie to pick up and eat, he favours the parsnip and chicken. He's getting much better at eating chicken, thighs seem to go down better then chicken breast, I find chicken breast dry and much prefer thighs, perhaps he feels the same.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Other caregivers and Cheerios!

We figure A is getting old enough now that more and more of her calories could be coming from solids rather than breastmilk. That's not to say the majority, necessarily, but we're okay with her actually eating, rather than the experimenting she was doing in the beginning. In that vein, we've started asking the nanny to give her solids during the day, so she is offered something solid three times a day, rather than just two. We've noticed that the nanny is somewhat reticent and is having a bit of trouble adjusting to this style, though she's making a valiant effort.

Have others run into this trouble? Maybe with babysitters or even relatives who help care for your children?

New food of the day: Cheerios! We were amazed to see that A is developing a pincer grasp. It's really still a rake with her pointer finger, but two fingers, nonetheless. She's less good at releasing it, so still ends up putting her whole hand in her mouth, but it's amazing to watch her dexterity improve.

Market trip planned for tomorrow to get some more nectarines. We gave her a slice the other day with the skin still on and it seemed to help her get a better grip on it (as suggested in the book, right?). Any other fruits people have tried that way?