Saturday, 20 August 2011

Slight Delay

A has been plugging along and getting better at the solids every day. Since my last post, she's had bread, asparagus, string beans, watermelon, chicken, pureed peas and cantalope.

The asparagus and string beans were steamed. A seemed to like both, but devoured the string beans - a new favorite!

The chicken was from the same soup as the carrots I mentioned earlier. I've read that white meat is harder for them to chew than dark and we found that to be true. A had a much easier time with the leg meat than the breast.

We're sticking with the purees on a loaded spoon for now because A really seems to enjoy using the spoon. Unfortunately, she's starting to get good at using the spoon as a catapult. We've had to increased our covered-floor radius around her when she eats!

Any suggestions for next new foods? We'd like to give her a bit more iron in her diet so are thinking about lentils. Has anyone else tried that?

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lyns123 said...

Have you tried lentil croquettes, we made them and Laurie loves them. We got the recipes from Finger foods for babies and toddlers By Jennie Maizels. Thats a really good book to have to hand for inspiration and the BLW cookbook. We have made a few recipes from there which we can eat as a family. I tend to keep a stack of cooked veg in the fridge, another good way of getting spianch into baby A is to make a pasta sauce and add the chopped spinach, i make batches and freeze very small portions to add to pasta or veg.

Good luck with the BLW, we are only 6 weeks in and Laurie has improved so much.