Saturday, 27 August 2011

Irene is coming

Those of us on the East Coast (north of DC) are bracing for Irene to arrive tonight. Honestly, my biggest concern is loosing the stock of breastmilk I have in the freezer if we loose power. Fingers crossed for us!

A's eating has been going pretty well the last few days and the nanny has even started to give her some food. We tried the squash, which I unfortunately overcooked a bit so it was hard for her to hold, and it was a big hit. We feel so lucky to have a baby who's willing to try almost anything she sees us eating. ;) Otherwise, we've been sticking to variations on the themes we've already established - chicken, pasta, broccoli, string beans.

If we do have power tomorrow, I'll try the lentil croquettes. I'll let you know how it'll be A's first multi-ingredient food. Any advice on ingredients to avoid, other than too much salt or sugar?

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Mel_x said...

Were you okay with Irene? We have been away, or I would have asked sooner!

Sounds like A is doing great, just off to catch up.

Mel x