Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello All!

I'm a first time mother to Baby A, age 7 months. Mel invited other moms to contribute while we wait for her new little one (congratulations, Mel!) to be old enough for solids, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. We started A on solids just after she turned 6 months, until which point she'd been exclusively breast fed, and have been following BLW. We've really loved every minute - it's so much fun to watch her learn to pick up foods and get them to her mouth, not to mention the delightful expressions she makes with each new flavor.

So, to dive right in:

A had carrots and banana for breakfast today. The banana was pretty ripe and the carrots had been cooked in a soup I made last night. I did put salt in the soup, in the form of some powdered consomme, so I was a little bit worried A would be getting too much salt. What have others done about that issue? If the idea is to give the baby food from your plate, are we just not supposed to have any salt on our food? Is a little bit of salt okay? In any case, she didn't eat more than one or two baby carrots, so I can't imagine it's that much of a problem...I hope. ;)

Dinner tonight will probably be some more soup vegetables and some lightly pureed spinach. We'd like for A to have some of the green leafy vegetables, but can't figure out how to get them to an appropriate consistency while retaining enough volume for her to pick up. So, we give her a loaded spoon. Have others come up with an alternative fix to this issue?

Happy eating to us all!


Mel_x said...

Hi Judith and welcome!

I am thrilled to have a new contributor and I look forward to enjoying A's adventures in food!

If we were cooking to share with George I used to try and cook salt free (salt free stock) and then once we had taken out his portion I would then salt. However, a small amount of salt isn't going to cause harm if occassional. If we ate out and ordered G veggies they would have been cooked in salted water for example.

I can't remember giving spinach on its own, but we use it here quite often as a base for salad (so raw) instead of lettuce. That may work? I used to make it into a pasta sauce when G got a little older too. The loaded spoon is great though!


Mel x

Marysia said...

When we started BLW with my son, I just stopped using salt in my kitchen but - as Mel_x said - we eat out quite often and I bet that the food in the restaurant that we order for A has been salted.
Regarding spinach, when A gets her pincer grip, she will eat it without a problem. So far i think the loaded spoon is just fine. :-)