Wednesday, 8 June 2011

6 weeks (and 6 months) to go!!

So there is a max of 6 weeks left until I meet the newest member of our family!! Both George, my hubby and I are very excited at the thought of meeting our little surprise!! I will keep you posted fellow BLW'ers!!

That means we have 6 weeks 6 months until I start a whole new BLW journey with you!

In the meantime if there is anyone just about to start their journey who would like to share their story via the blog then please let me know!!


Mel x


The Cook said...

I look forward to reading your new adventures with the new baby.

Deborah said...

Hi. First, congratulations on the almost here surprise :-) I hope all goes well.

Second, I just stumbled upon your blog... My daughter is 6 months old today, and she's been on BLW for almost a month (completely BLW in that although she's young, she's been sitting and reaching out for food since 5 months).

Anyhoo, I'd be interested to know what contributing to the blog would involve if you are looking for more contributors.

Mel_x said...

Hi Deborah,

thank you for your best wishes! We are down to 3 weeks now!!

As you may have noticed in the blog, my story is first, but then 2 other mums have shared their journeys through BLW via the blog. Its just a day by day diary of what food you have offered, and when. When you upped to 2 meals then three meals...and sharing any great recipes you have in the recipe section. I'd love someone to start now, so that when my little surprise is ready to start BLWing the contributor would have a lo of about a tear and so would be starting to come towards the end of their journey.

It doesn't take long to blog each day...if you are interested, I will exchange a few emails with you to make sure we are right for each other!! But I'm really please that
1, you found me!
2, your BLWing
3, your interested in contributing!

I'm not sure where in the world you are, but I have an international you would be sharing with quite a few people potentially!


Mel x

babyarimom said...

My daughter will be 6 months in a few days and we're planning to follow BLW with her. I'd also be interested in contributing. Thanks for starting this blog!

Mel_x said...

Thank would be fantastic! As I said to Deborah do you want to drop me an email ( and we will have a "chat" and then you can get going?!


Mel x