Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jam, 8 month check

Not just any old jam ;), Duchy Originals Damson Preserve. It is absolutely delicious and I fancied some, so I put a little on Rafi's toast too. He was indifferent really. Ate it but not with any particular relish, so I won't bother again. Mainly sugar anyway.

Had his 8 month HV check today, only 2 weeks late. Pointless really - height, weight, "He looks like he's doing fine, here's your free books". Could have got those from the library, which is right next to Phoebe's preschool rather than miles out of my way like the clinic. But it's good to know how big he is. Still 91st centile for both height and weight (73cm, 22lb) - he was born 9lb 4.5oz so is following his curve nicely and it explains why he's in 12-18 month clothes and already almost out of them. Genetically he should be short; we're all 25th centile. Weird. I guess he already eats more than his sister does now at 3.5!

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