Friday, 31 October 2008

Crawling, breakfast, first tooth, apple porridge pancakes

As the title says, he's been busy! We've had proper crawling for about a week now (he's nearly 9 months old) so have been manically babyproofing. He's much more adventurous than his sister was and has discovered all kinds of things we hadn't thought about, like doorstops and drawers. Plus as his pincer grip is very good now, I'm constantly hoovering up the detritus shed by a 3 year old girl and 3 fluffy cats.

I introduced breakfast a few days ago, as he was hanging round the table looking hopeful, like a puppy. Just toast with butter or cream cheese, so far. Easy to clean up in a hurry.

His first tooth popped through the gum today, hooray. Soon its mate should follow and chewing will be more effective.

Finally, I made apple porridge pancakes for dinner. It's 50g oats (ground in a blender), 30g flour, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 whisked egg, 60ml apple juice, 50g yoghurt, half a grated apple. Makes 6 mini pancakes. Phoebe devoured 3, he's asleep so will try it when he wakes up. It was a lot of hassle to make, to be honest.

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Bruce said...

Wow, that's good news! He's having his first tooth out, and I hope it's being taken care of, since they're crucial for the alignment of the permanent teeth. When my brother had lost his first baby tooth, we took him to the dentists (Hilton Head) to have his first check-up (and for him to get accustomed to the dentist). With that taken care of, I also went to the same dentistry (Hilton Head located) clinic to get my wisdom tooth extracted and get my cleaning afterward.