Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Uninspired today, as none of my fruit is ripe.

Lunch: apple-flavour rice cakes. Nicer than the plain ones; kept him amused for 20 minutes or so. Followed by mango yoghurt.

Dinner: made some wholemeal pasta but found it was too chewy. Phoebe objected as well. So more apple rice cakes. And a large vine tomato, skinned and with the hard green bit cut out. I know it's a potential allergen, but he's not genetically susceptible to allergies/eczema/asthma etc so I feel it's extremely unlikely to be a problem. Anyway, he gave his usual "what on earth is this?" shudder, but came back to it quite a few times so it can't have been that bad. Dessert was half a Plum Baby mango/banana pot. I've had a proper mango ripening for a week now, with bananas next to it, and it is still rock hard. So needs must...

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