Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lumpy puree

Lunch today: cream cheese on toast, banana.

Dinner: coconut couscous, steamed butternut squash, and lumpy puree. Well, a "Stage 2" variety (strawberry and mango) intended to teach 7 month olds how to eat tiny lumps. I bought a pack by mistake a while ago and Phoebe won't touch it ("I don't like bits") so thought it was time to try it on the boy. Interestingly it was quite gaggy; he clearly sucks the puree off the spoon straight to the back of his throat just like the theory says. As Rafs, who is happy with toast and pasta and could chew at 5.5 months, had this problem, it's no wonder so many exclusively puree-fed babies struggle to move on to stuff with more texture. He did get the hang of it after a few goes and does love "spoon-fruit", as it's known in our house.

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